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If you’re a skier, or you just enjoy the snow, perhaps one of the many Vail Resorts jobs might appeal to you. In fact, there may be a Vail Resorts job for you even if neither of these things are true, as Vail Resorts also runs a chain of luxury hotels called RockResorts.

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Company History
Vail was founded in the early 1960’s by Pete Seibert, who had served in WWI as a ski trooper in the 10th Mountain division. The first Vail Ski Resort opened in 1962, and the company grew in fits and starts over the next thirty-five years, until going public in 1997. In 2001 Vail bought the Rockresorts chain of luxury resort hotels, with 8 locations in the USA, one in the West Indies, and another in the Dominican Republic.

Vail resorts today has about 15,000 employees, and annual revenues in excess of 1 Billion US dollars.

Vail Resorts Jobs
Jobs at Vail Resorts are of two types, either year round or seasonal. Within either category, a job may be either full time or part time.

Seasonal jobs are those what have to do with snow, (duh!). When there is no snow, the company has little use for ski instructors. Also in this category are-

Trail Maintenance – You keep the ski trails safe by dealing with any hazards that may arise, and if there is no other option, you close the trails and mark them clearly as such.

Safety Supervisor – You watch for unsafe conditions or unsafe practices among both guests and employees, and assist as needed to restore safe operations.

Entry Equipment Operator – Operation of the grounds maintenance equipment is your trade here. This can be a zamboni, a snow blower, a sweeper, or any of a variety of other such powered devices.

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Year Round jobs are those that need to take place, well, year round! In this category are such categories as –

Security – Security is always a delicate task, and this is even more true when dealing with an up-scale clientele. None the less, a security job with Vail Resorts is considerably more rewarding than guarding the local mall.

Accounting – Bookkeeping is a never-ending task, and so this obviously needs to be a year-round job. You keep all the bills paid, and the employees paid too.

Lift Electronics and Lift Mechanics – These are both year round jobs, since the off-season is the time to do heavy maintenance and major upgrades, not to mention new construction.

Anonymous feedback from current and former Vail Resorts employees reveals a very mediocre employee satisfaction rating, only a thin margin above average. The same anonymous feedback also shows that only 48% “approve of” CEO Rob Katz.

Getting That Job At Vail Resorts
The Vail Resorts job site is at . When you arrive at the page, look at the menu at the top and select “Search Jobs”. Next you’ll have a choice based on whether or not you’re already an employee. Choose the option on the left marked “Opportunities for new, etc”.

Now you’ve reached the functional part. Keywords you can leave blank, be sure US English is selected in the Job Language window. Now skip down to Country and choose United States, (or whatever else works for you). Below that choose your State, and I would suggest you leave City blank. Now click the blue View Jobs button, and you’ll see all the jobs in your state. From there, if the results are too coarse, you can use the other boxes at the left to refine your search further. Once you see a job you’re qualified for, click on it to go to the job page and see details. If all still looks good, use the blue Apply button on the job page to submit your application.

And now for a few bits and pieces of information that may come in handy –

  • Average wage for a Lift Operator is $9.11 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $9.00 to a high of $10.00 per hour.
  • Average wage for a Ski Instructor is $10.78 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $8.00 to a high of $14.00 per hour.
  • Average wage for a Snowboard Instructor is $18.85 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $16.00 to a high of $22.00 per hour.
  • Applicants report an interview process consisting of a phone interview on basics with HR department, a face-to-face interview with hiring manager, and possibly a panel interview after than, depending on the position.
  • Vail Resorts has a rather conservative grooming policy, which states, “no visible body piercings or tattoos” and “no radical hairstyles including unnatural hair dye, mohawks or dreadlocks”.
  • Sample interview question – “Why would you want to work at Vail?”
  • Sample interview question – “Give an example of a time when you displayed exceptional customer service”.
  • Sample interview question – “”Please describe a time you were faced with adversity, and how you overcame it”.
  • Sample interview question – “If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?”
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed. How did you handle it?”

And there you have it in a nutshell, the basics of what you need to know to get Vail Resorts jobs. On the up side, many have called this a dream job. On the other side, the employee satisfaction numbers don’t look that good for a dream job. And just why is it that snowboard instructors get paid so much more than ski instructors, anyway?

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