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If you like working with people, then a Marriott employment might be a great career choice for you. But before you apply, let’s have a quick look at the company, its history, its operations, and how to get hired.

Company History

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Marriott was founded in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott and his wife as a root beer stand, (seriously!). Marriott was a Mormon missionary who suffered terribly in the hot, humid summers of the capital, and felt the city desperately needed such a business. It was only in 1957 that the Marriott would open their first hotel; restaurant and food services was the core of their business for the first decades. It was during this early restaurant era that Marriott pioneered airline catering, when they struck a deal with Eastern Airlines to deliver hot food to planes at the airport just before takeoff.

Marriott announced in March of 2012 that they are building in Dubai what will be the tallest hotel in the world, featuring a total of 1,608 rooms.

Marriott Jobs

There are a surprising variety of jobs available at Marriott. Of course, there are plenty of jobs of the sort you’d expect, such as Administrative, Event Management, Finance and Accounting, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Laundry, Human Resources, Information Technology, Landscaping, and Purchasing. But there are also job categories for Architecture & Construction, Engineering and Facilities, Golf, Fitness, and Entertainment, as well as Loss Prevention and Security.

Note that there are also international jobs available with Marriott, which is undertaking active expansion in the European market.

Getting that job at Marriott

The Marriott Careers site is here. Unfortunately, this site can be a bit difficult to navigate, so let’s see if we can walk you through it. Click on “Start Your Journey”. When the little Flash animation card spins around, click on “Start Your Journey” again. Or skip all that and just click here. Right, now you’re at the start-your-journey page. Scroll down a bit. Most of you will want the first link, labeled Management Positions worldwide, and Non-Management Positions in the United States and Canada. Note there are also separate links below for Non-Management positions in Caribbean and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Continental Europe, UK and Ireland, and Middle East & Africa. Jobs in Puerto Rico seems to be listed under the Caribbean and Latin America section.

overseas marriot employmentOnce you’ve clicked on the link of your choice, you’ll be at the Job Search page. By default, you start on the Basic Search tab. Here you can enter a keyword, you won’t have a job number unless you’ve been given specific information by someone, the Location field is obvious, (the United States is listed alphabetically down near the bottom), and the last field lets you choose a specific branch of Marriott International you’d like to work for; I suggest leaving that set to All.

Now take a look at the Advanced Search tab (tabs are selected near top of page), note that the first section is the same as Basic Search, but it also allows you to specify part-time or full-time or seasonal, whether you want to work permanent or temp, whether you’re willing to travel and/or relocate, and what your education level is.

The last of the three tabs allows you to view all job openings listed. Given that Marriott runs over 3700 properties in 73 countries around the world, this can be rather cumbersome. But how else would you learn that the Marriott in Rwanda has sought a Director of Finance since November of 2011? Or that the Marriott Courtyard in the diplomatic quarter of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia needs both a Restaurant Manager and a Sous Chef?

Anonymous feedback from current and former Marriott employees reveals a high level of satisfaction with the company overall, and an astonishing 92% indicate that they “approve of” CEO Arne Sorenson. Keep in mind that these are anonymous feedback results.

And now, a few odd information about getting hired at Marriott:

  • Average starting salary for a Front Desk Associate is $9.90, although the reported range goes as low as $8.00 in some markets.
  • One Houseman, (note that in the hotel business, this means a bell boy, not a bouncer as it would in a bar or nightclub), reports a wage of $13.50 to start.
  • Most applicants report a relatively simple hiring process consisting of a phone interview followed by a single face-to-face interview.
  • Some applicants report waiting as long as two and a half weeks after applying online before bring contacted for a phone interview.
  • Most applicants reported a relatively relaxed and friendly interview process.
  • Sample interview question – “Why did you leave your past jobs?”
  • Sample interview question – “Do you work well in a team?”
  • Sample interview question – “There are high expectations for the Marriott brand, and if hired you would be the ‘face’ of the hotel. How does this knowledge affect you? As in, how will it affect your performance, (better/worse), your anxiety levels, etc?”
  • Sample interview question – “If I called your old manager, what do you think he/she would tell me about you?”
  • All applicants should expect to undergo a drug test, a background check, and possibly a personality test.

So, there you have it. Great employee satisfaction ratings, good benefits package and perks, and a very real potential for employment abroad if that appeals to you. So what are you waiting for? Go get started exploring the possibilities for your new career!

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