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Hyatt logo
The logo of Hyatt

Hyatt Corporation is an American corporation that operates hotels. It is a major competitor in the hotel industry and one of the most recognized names as well. In this article, we are going to take a look at the employment opportunities at Hyatt.

Company History –
Hyatt was founded by Hyatt Von Dehn and Jack D. Crouch. Hyatt Von Dehn wanted to get out of the hotel business. He sold his share in the hotel to Jay Pritzker. Jay Pritzker’s brother Donald Pritzker along with Jack D. Crouch took over the operation of the hotels and acquired many more hotels and motels. Hyatt became the fastest growing hotel chain in the US and became a big competitor in the industry. The chain opened its first overseas hotel in 1969, called the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. Today Hyatt has over 490 hotels worldwide and employs more than 50,000 employees. The company has been awarded 100% in the HRC equality index for eight consecutive years by The Human Rights Campaign.

What kinds of jobs are available at Hyatt?
There are a wide variety of jobs at Hyatt to choose from a several categories. In this article, we will be covering the following:

  • Food/Beverage/Culinary
  • Front Office/Guest Services/Transportation
  • Hotel Rooms Operations
  • Housekeeping/Laundry

So let’s begin with the first one.
Food/Beverage/Culinary :

  1. Restaurant Server – As a restaurant server, you are responsible for submitting guest menu selections and presenting food and beverage preferences to the guests. You should thoroughly know the menu and give the guests recommendations from the compilation of foods and beverages. For this job, experience in serving is preferred. Other than that, the requirements are not very demanding. You will be lifting moderate weights and need to have good communication skills.
  2. Cook – For the position of the cook, you require basic culinary skills. Training in cooking is preferred. No prior experience is necessary for this position. You’ll be standing for long periods of time which is understandable considering that you will be cooking the food requested by the guests.

Front/Office/Guest Services/Transportation :

  1. Bell Attendant – As a bell attendant, you will be in constant communication with the Front Office and Valet to ensure that the guests are escorted to their rooms and that their luggages are transported to and from their rooms. For this job, you require good communication skills and the job involves lifting moderate amounts of weights and walking.
  2. Driver – As a driver, you will be required to transport guests to the local attractions that fall inside a close radius to the hotel. A legal driver’s license, good knowledge of the surrounding area and most importantly, a clean driving record is very important for this job.
  3. Front Desk Agent – As a front desk agent, you will be processing forms of payments and responding to guest inquiries. An experience of front desk clerk at other hotels is preferred for this position. You will need to have good verbal and written communication skills and you will have to be available to work flexible hours which include first and second shifts, holidays as well as weekends.

Hotel Rooms Operations :

  1. Hyatt Internship – Hyatt offers internships for those who seek an understanding of the hospitality industry. This particular position is a 6 to 12 month paid Hyatt internship. In order to be eligible for this internship, the candidate needs to be a second or a third year student studying hospitality or a related major.

Housekeeping/Laundry :

  1. Room Attendant : As a Room attendant, you will be required to clean the guest rooms assigned to you. Previous cleaning experience is preferred for this position. You will be lifting moderate weight (40 lbs) and push/pull up to 180 lbs.
  2. Housekeeping Office Coordinator – As a housekeeping office coordinator, you will assist with all the duties of the housekeeping department such as payroll, ordering etc. For this position, you must be able to work all shifts, including weekends. You need to be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel and must have an ability to type at least 25 words per minute.
  3. Laundry Attendant – As a laundry attendant, you will be responsible for processing the hotel laundry. You will be required to pull and push heavy loads.


What kinds of benefits does Hyatt provide?
Hyatt provides benefits such as healthcare (dental, vision and prescription drugs covered), retirement and savings plan, paid time-off vacations, sick and holidays. The employees are also eligible for 12 complimentary hotel room nights after completing one year of service. Hyatt’s ‘LifeBalance’ program offers several services encouraging employees to focus on balancing family and work life, some of which are :
– Everyday Issues
– Emotional Well-Being
– Financial
– Legal
– Addiction and Recovery
– Parenting and childcare
– Education


Hyatt Regency
A Hyatt Regency at Atlanta, Georgia

How to apply for jobs at Hyatt?
In order to apply online for a Hyatt job, go to At the bottom of the page, to the lower left side, click on the ‘Careers’ link. This will take you to, the careers page of the company. The page displayed will show you the ‘Search Hyatt’ option expanded, where you can choose your country. After selecting the country, click ‘Submit’. After that, you will see the job search page displayed. In the ‘Job Field’ dropdown, you will see all the available categories of jobs (For example, Hotel Rooms Operations). Choose the category that you wish to apply for. Next, choose the location from the ‘Location’ field below. You can even specify the particular state where you wish to work. Once you search the selected job, the results will appear below the page. Click on the job you wish to apply for. Once you click on the job title you wish to apply for, it will take you to the job description page. Now, if you click on “Apply” button, you will be required to login. You can create a login by clicking on the “New User Registration” button. After having your new account, you can now apply for jobs via the official Hyatt website.

  • The average salary of a Front Office associate is $12.51/hr with the highest reported salary being $18/hr and the lowest being $10/hr.
  • The average salary of a server is $8.83/hr with the highest reported salary being $22 and the lowest being $3.
  • The average salary of a cook is $13.67/hr with the highest reported salary being $16 and the lowest reported salary being $9/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “What is your expectation in the next 5 years?”
  • Sample interview question – “Why do you want to join the company?”
  • Sample interview question – “Describe a time when you had a difficult guest encounter. What did you do?”
  • Sample interview question – “What have you heard about Hyatt?”

So that is all the information on job application at Hyatt. If you aspire a career in the restaurant industry, look no further. The employees at Hyatt are largely satisfied with the jobs and pay. With excellent benefits and competitive pay, Hyatt is one of the best options to opt for if you wish to work in this industry.

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