HMSHost Jobs Application

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HMSHost is affiliated to the Autogrill S.P.A Groups and are the excellent global provider of beverages, food and other retail services for people who love to travel. They are leaders in creating innovated dining opportunities at motorways, malls and airports exclusively with more than 30,000 associates.

HMSHost are highly qualified and exceptional professionals in the hospitality industries for many years and are with target to provide exotic delicious food and beverage experiences for the travelers at more than hundred airport terminals worldwide. There is thousands of exciting career opportunities available for eligible candidates.

Jobs available in HMSHost

hmshost-officeClerk jobs

The Admin Clerk performs various exclusive administration duties that are inclusive of payroll, HR, general etc. Person applying for the clerical position should report to the HR Manager or General Manger respectively. Let us study their functionality responsibilities:

  • Prepare and maintain records of employees in accordance with state, federal and company laws
  • Maintain the database of the company employees with data entry functions
  • Perform the accounts payable and receivable functions exclusively
  • Process requests for draft checks
  • Minimize the loss aspects by utilizing the reporting tools to identify the deficiencies and implement procedures


The Cook prepares delicious foods in international functions with flair and excellence. The customers require supreme quality services and the employees need to be skilled professionals who can provide their best performance for the satisfaction of their precious customers’ requirements. Other responsibilities are:

  • Prepare the delicious food according to the product directions and recipes and capture the taste buds in the process of seasoning, cooking, tasting and serving excellently
  • Must taste and provide feedback on the quality of the end products, estimate the requirements of food, check the production activities, plan accordingly the equipment and supplies whenever needed
  • Should sanitize and clean the work place and the equipment
  • Take precautions for safety of food and in the cleaning process and check that they are in terms with HACCP standards
  • Skilled to operate diverse varieties of kitchen equipment for measuring, cutting, peeling and shredding vegetables and fruits

Lead Retail sales associate

The retail sales associate is responsible for maximizing the customer service and sales by encouraging other sales associates to perform skillfully through various methods like mentoring and counseling exclusively. Other responsibilities are explained below-

  • Performs the cash or merchandise functions according to the policies followed by the Corporate
  • In accordance with the corporate policies the lead retail associate should administer the opening and closing points of sales
  • Listen to the complains made by the customers and try their best in accordance with company policy to rectify and offer satisfaction to the customers
  • Make sure that all the customers receive receipts on every transactions
  • Maintain the cash register and carefully receive the cash payment given by the customers in the form of credit card or cash
  • Participate actively in the inventory functions when required

Benefits enjoyed by the HMSHost employees

  • 401K retirement savings plan eligibility
  • Medical dental and life insurance policies and other comprehensive advantages
  • Credit union membership
  • Flexible monitory spending accounts for daycare and health related expenditures
  • Availability of dental, medical and life insurance policies for the employee’s family members
  • Paid vacation
  • Vision care and discounts availed on purchasing vision wears

Online Job Application:

To apply for a job in HMSHost, visit the company’s official website If you are new to the website, you will be asked to create your job profile before applying. In-case if you already have a username and password, you can login to the website directly and search for your desired job at the preferred location. After choosing the job to apply, select the particular job and click apply button.


Assistant Manager earns about $50k -$65k per month whereas Line Cook gets around $8k – $15k per hour. Similarly Associates are paid $8 – $10 per hour.

Company Standing:

The employees working in HMSHost are ok with their company as 39% of them are willing to recommend the company to their friends. And 67% approve of the CEO, Tom Fricke.

Some of the pros and cons of working in HMSHost are


  • Very stable work environment
  • Excellent training programs
  • Friendly place to work
  • Free lunches for employees


  • Less chance for career promotion
  • Inconsistent management
  • Lack of standard processes

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