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There is plenty of Hertz employment available. If you like cars, and you’re looking for a career, then Hertz might be a great choice for you. Hertz is a bit smaller than its competitor Enterprise within the USA, but far larger internationally, serving 145 foreign countries, versus only 4 served by its competitor. But before you apply, let’s have a look at the company, its operations, and its hiring practices.

Company History

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Hertz was founded in Chicago in the year 1918, by Mr Walter Jacobs. The company’s first fleet consisted of a dozen Model T Fords. Over the years, Hertz has been owned by Ford, then General Motors, and then in 1987 control passed back to Ford again. This dizzying round of acquisitions came to an end when Hertz became independent through a public stock offering in 2006.

Hertz’s current rental fleet consists of different brands, though the most are GM products. Some luxury models from Cadillac, Mercedes and Infiniti are also offered.

Hertz Corporation also operates “Hertz on Demand”, a global car sharing service available in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, New York City, and on many university campuses. An interesting aspect of this program is the availability of electric cars for hourly rental in the USA, China, and the UK.

Hertz Jobs

The sheer variety of job categories at Hertz is stunning. There are all the categories you’d expect, from Accounting to Worldwide Reservations, with the usual entries for Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Transportation, IT, Customer Service, Drivers, and five different categories of Mechanics. These are all to be expected.

But what may surprise you are the others. Hertz also hires for Security jobs. There is a category for Aviation jobs. There are openings for eBusiness Development and Technology jobs, as well as an eCommerce category. Hertz hires for their in-house Legal department, as well as their Public Affairs, Safety, and Real Estate departments.

Again, there is a strong emphasis upon available careers in the management track. If you have even a two-year (i.e. Associate) college degree, if you’re an aggressive and confident self-starter, the management trainee path may very well be for you.

Getting A Job At Hertz

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Employee satisfaction reviews for Hertz have been mixed. A survey in 2009 found Hertz to be one of the worst places to work in America. But if you look at the link, (scroll down past the best list to the worst list), you’ll see there are some very big-name companies along with Hertz on that list. As this is written in late summer of 2012, the same data source shows a solid employee satisfaction rating for Hertz, one comparable to its competitors. In 2011, Hertz was chosen #5 Top Employer by Diversity Employers Magazine. So, all in all, whatever problems Hertz once had in the area of employee satisfaction would seem a thing of the past.

Here are a few useful bits of information about employment with Hertz:

  • Branch Manager Trainee applicants should expect to have a phone interview, then a face-to-face interview with HR personnel. You may or may not get a second face-to-face interview with a Branch Manager before you receive an offer.
  • A sizable portion of the available job openings with Hertz in your area will be in this Branch Manager Trainee category, (a quick check in my city showed 6 of 15 openings were for Branch Manager Trainee).
  • Most Branch Manager Trainee applicants report being offered a starting wage of $10.25 to $10.75 per hour, and should expect to be asked to work over 40 hours a week, (reportedly as many as 60 hours per week in some cases).
  • Applicants report that anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks can pass between filling out the online application and being contacted for a phone interview.
  • All applicants should expect to take a drug test.
  • Reported interview questions for all positions are very standard, such as, “What made you apply to Hertz” or “What do you know about our company”, and “How do you deal with stress in a stressful environment?”. The two most challenging questions reported by interviewees were, “Name three words to describe yourself”, and “How would you deal with unethical behavior of management or peers?”.
  • An applicant for a Fleet Accountant position in Oklahoma reports being interviewed by a panel, and being asked to take an IQ/Intelligence test, and a skills test, as well as the usual drug test and background check

In summary, there are always openings at Hertz, and they do promote from within based upon effort and achievement. The opportunities are there. So, if this sounds like something that would engage your interest, what are you waiting for?

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