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Enterprise employment is available now! If you like cars, (new cars!), then a job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car may very well be a great career choice for you. But before you rush down to your closest location and ask about Enterprise employment, let’s talk about the company, and about their application process, to maximize your chances of landing the job you really want.

Company History

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Initially founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor, Enterprise Rent-a-Car is today a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. This reorganization came about as a result of a complicated deal in August of 2007 in which Enterprise Rent-A-Car purchased the Vanguard Automotive Group, thereby acquiring both National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car. Today, Enterprise Holdings also controls WeCar, (an on-campus car-sharing program), and PhillyCarShare, as well as divisions that handle commercial truck rental, used car sales, and fleet management operations.

As a multi-billion dollar company, Enterprise Rent-A-Car currently has almost 5500 local market locations, and well over 400 airport locations. Enterprise is unquestionably the industry leader in airport car rentals, and since 1994, the company has extended its service to airport locations in Europe. Today, Enterprise Rent-a-Car also serves airports in Canada, Ireland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Job Opportunities at Enterprise Rent-a-Car

When you go to the Enterprise Rent-a-Car site to begin your career search, you will first hear about the management opportunities, and these are not to be neglected. Enterprise employment can offer some very nice management training programs, and even a paid internship program for college students. But the sheer variety of careers at Enterprise may not at first be obvious.

Keep in mind that Enterprise has over 65,000 employees. They employ veritable legions of accountants, as well as administrative and clerical staff, to ride herd on the swarms of paperwork. They also hire bus and van drivers for all those courtesy buses at the airports.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car purchases about 7% of all the domestically manufactured cars sold in the USA, and with all those cars to service and maintain, they hire hundreds of ASE-certified mechanics, oil lube and tire technicians, and maintenance supervisors.

One of Enterprise’s core values is customer service and support. It has been recognized seven times by JD Power as “highest in customer satisfaction for car rental companies at or near airports”. This means, as you would expect, that there are many opportunities for Enterprise employment in the field of customer service. There are call center jobs, there are support jobs, there are driver jobs, there is even a category called “Vehicle Service Attendant – Truck”, (which sounds suspiciously like a tow-truck driver, doesn’t it?).

Enterprise also has a large Information Technology department, as one would expect of any modern corporation of such scale, and there are certainly IT jobs available.

There are Sales and Marketing jobs in abundance at Enterprise, which should surprise no one.

And, last on the list but not to be ignored, there are also jobs in the Transportation category, which generally means transporting the cars between the various locations.

Getting That Job At Enterprise

enterprise rent car employmentThe first step is simply going to the Enterprise employment site at erac.com and clicking on the “apply now” link at the top left, and then clicking the standard choice boxes to search for a job. You’ll be prompted for keywords, state, (note that Puerto Rico has a separate process; you will see a link in Spanish right above the keywords box when you first arrive at the job search page), job category, and employment status desired, meaning part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent. When the results of your search are displayed, you can click on a job listing to go to that job listing and apply online. But before you do that, note carefully the job search agent at the bottom of the search results page. Filling this out allows the system to email you every time a new job opening appears in the category you just searched. Obviously, this can be a powerful tool.

And now, a few useful bits and pieces about applying for Enterprise employment:

  • For management positions, expect a triple interview. Veterans report that first interview is a phone interview focused on basic information, and usually lasts only 15 minutes or so. The second is a face-to-face interview focused on more detailed informational questions. Your third interview will usually be with both a Branch Manager and a Regional Manager, and that interview will mostly revolve around behavioral questions, and hypothetical situations about which you are asked, “what would you do if…”.
  • Applicants for non-management positions report a two interview process. The first interview is again a phone interview on basic information, and second is a face-to-face interview. Applicants report a standard job interview, with no surprises.
  • All applicants should expect to take a Personality Test.
  • All applicants should expect to undergo a background check. As always, honesty is the best policy when applying for a job where you know a background check is a certainty.
  • When answering the questions you are posed in your face-to-face interview, remember that Enterprise is a company with an intense focus on customer service, and shape your responses accordingly.
  • One management trainee applicant reports being told by the interviewer, “sell me a new kitchen remodel”, and then asked “Tell me about a difficult situation that you could not solve. What was it, and how did you handle it?”.
  • A Service Agent applicant reports being asked, “Why did you want to work for Enterprise?”. While this is a fairly standard interview question, the applicant’s answer should be noted for future use. He told the interviewer that he had recently rented a car from Enterprise, and been very impressed with the service.
  • One applicant for a Car Prep/Detailing position reports being asked, “tell me about a time you had to work under pressure” and “why should we use preventive maintenance on our vehicles?”.
  • Again, remember, this is a company with a passion for customer service. Pay even more careful attention to your appearance than you normally would for an interview.

Enterprise employment is not that hard to get, even in these economically challenging times. But remember always that this is a company which promotes based upon achievement and hard work. In the words of one former Enterprise regional sales manager, “You are mostly in control of your own career destiny. The best performers will be rewarded with great opportunity”. But the same manager also said, “you’ll need to always keep yourself moving forward. If you are stagnant for too long, you’ll become yesterday’s news.”

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