24 Hour Fitness Jobs Application

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If you are into fitness, and you’re looking for employment, then perhaps one of the many 24 Hour Fitness jobs might appeal to you.


Company History

24 Hour Fitness logo
24 Hour Fitness logo

24 Hour Fitness is actually a fairly young company for its size, having only been established in 1983. The original name was 24 Hour Nautilus. And Nautilus was the name of the firm that first mass produced the exercise machines which made possible the fitness craze of the 80’s and 90’s. This fitness craze was in large part fueled by the “24 Hour” promotional campaigns using celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pamela Anderson, and Mike Tyson.


In 1994, 24 Hour Nautilus bought out the California-based Family Fitness chain of health clubs, and changed the name of the combined operation to 24 Hour Fitness. Since 2004, 24 Hour Fitness has been a sponsor of the US Olympic Team, and in the same year began working with NBC to develop the reality show The Biggest Loser.


The following year, in 2005, 24 Hour Fitness was bought by a private equity firm in a leveraged buyout for 1.6 Billion US dollars.


Today, 24 Hour Fitness has 425 clubs, and has announced plans to reach 1,000 clubs in the next five years. The firm employs over 20,000 people.


24 Hour Fitness Jobs


Personal Trainer – This is probably the job that most people think of in association with a fitness center. You need a high school diploma or a GED, and you need either a college degree in a related field, (attention Physical Education majors!), or a certification as a Personal Trainer, which may be obtained fairly easily from any one of 25 or 30 different sources.


You will spend about 10% of your time on administrative duties. This means designing fitness plans for members, and keeping up with the usual reports and other required documentation of your activities.


About 20% of your time will be spent instructing members on the safe and proper use of equipment, and assisting with special member activities, such as boot camps, fitness seminars, and body fat measurement.


The remaining 70% of your time will be spent directly servicing and training the clients. This includes the initial three sessions as part of the introductory package for new members, and also designing a comprehensive fitness program for each client, based upon the client’s goals, including appropriate exercise selection, and teaching a fitness lifestyle.


Kid’s Club Attendant – You help run the children’s center at the 14 Hour Fitness. You will need a high school diploma or GED, and whatever certification your state requires for working with children.


Again, you will spend about 10% of your time on administrative duties. In this job, that means making sure each parent has filled out and signed the agreement and information card, making sure parents sign their kids in and out and pay the fee, and making sure each child has a numbered sticker corresponding to the number of the line on the register where they were signed in. Yes, they put numbered stickers on the children.


You’ll spend about 20% of your time on customer service duties, briefing new parents on how the Kid’s Club works, and helping them fill out the paperwork. This also includes cleaning tasks, mostly disinfecting the toys. And you are responsible for reporting to the manager any complaints, incidents, or child health concerns.


The other 70% of your time you will spend directly caring for the children. You supervise their activities and ensure that they remain in the area, (easier said than done!), you entertain the children with games and other approved activities, you administer first aid if required, and you page their parents if needed to deal with discipline issues or “personal needs”, (for example, changing diapers).



Service Representative, Night – Basically, you run the front desk on the quieter night shifts. You’ll need a high school diploma or a GED, basic computer skills, and they prefer that you have some experience with multi-line phone systems, though it’s not required.


10% of your time will be devoted to administrative duties. In this position that means stocking forms, straightening up the front desk, inventorying front desk supplies, including the first aid kits, and filling out the front desk planner.


About 30% of your time will be spent on cleanliness and safety. You clean and organize the front desk area, the lobby, and the weight and cardio rooms, you re-rack all weights and equipment that may have been left out, and you perform regular walk-arounds to ensure that the club is safe and secure.


The remaining 60% of your time will be spent running the front desk. You greet the members as they arrive and be sure they log in, you say goodbye to them as they leave and ensure that they log out. You answer the phone and handle any issues including lost & found, payment and billing issues, and replacement membership cards, change of address, etc. And you record any complaints in the member service log.


A review of anonymous feedback from current and former employees shows a level of employee satisfaction comfortably above average, and the same anonymous feedback shows that 62% “approve of” CEO Carl Liebert.

A 24 Hour Fitness in Hillsboro, Oregon

A 24 Hour Fitness in Hillsboro, Oregon
Image via Wikimedia
Author M.O. Stevens




Getting That Job At 24 Hour Fitness

When you arrive at the career site, (http://careers.24hourfitness.com/), you’ll see a list of Club Positions at the right, mid-page. You can click on one of these, the top two are for managers, but the bottom three are all listings of hourly positions. The problem with doing it this way is that it returns an unwieldy number of results. I clicked on Personal Trainer and got 414 listings. A more useful way to proceed is to scroll down a bit and look at the national map at bottom right of the page. If your state is shown in blue, you can click on it for a breakdown of jobs. If your state is shown in white, there are no 24 Hour Fitness locations in your state…yet!


So, assuming your state is blue, click on it and let’s proceed. To another map that looks remarkably like the last one, hmmm! Click on your state again. Now you should see an outline of your state with a series of orange circles. As you move your mouse cursor over the circles, you will see a popup from each telling you the name of the city or town it represents and the number of jobs there. Where the circles overlap, using the map controls at the right to zoom in can be extremely helpful. You can click on any of the circles to see a detailed breakdown of the jobs in that area, and you can then click on any job listing to see a page of information about that job, and a link to apply online.


And now for our usual collection of odds and ends –

  • Average wage for a Personal Trainer is $14.89 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $7.00 per hour to a high of $25.00 per hour. One would suspect that the higher figure must include some tips, as it’s very difficult to imagine any corporate employer being that generous.
  • Average wage for a Service Representative is $8.84 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $7.00 per hour to a high of $11.00 per hour.
  • Average wage for a Kid’s Club Attendant is $7.88 per hour, with reports varying from a low of $7.00 per hour to a high of $9.00 per hour.
  • Feedback from applicants indicates a simple and very standard hiring process for hourly employees, usually consisting of a personality test and a single face-to-face interview.
  • Reports indicate that if you apply online, a follow-up phone-call may be a very good idea, if you have not been contacted within three days.
  • Sample interview question – “When was the last time you helped someone reach their goal?”
  • Sample interview question – “If I called a previous employer, what would they say you need to work on?”
  • Sample interview question – “When was someone not honest with you, and how did you react?
  • Sample interview question – “What would you do if someone sustained an injury during your class?”
  • Sample interview question – “What would you do if you had problems with a co-worker?”


And there you have a quick briefing on what you need to know about 24 Hour Fitness jobs. If fitness is your thing, and they operate in your area, this is not at all a bad career choice.


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