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Want to work in a government agency? Then you might want to consider a www.USPS.com employment application! Whether you are looking for a long-term career or you just want to start off working for the government, a job in USPS will help you accomplish your goals.

All About USPS

Founded in 1775 by Benjamin Franklin, USPS, or United States Postal Services became the government handled postal service in the United States. Presently, the company has 596,000 employees all over the nation, making it the second largest civilian employer in the US. It is the largest operator of vehicle fleet in the world as well.

Its headquarters is in Washington, DC but all cities and towns have USPS office or kiosk in their area. Even with the advent of computers and technologies, the company remains operational and is still going strong. It has been awarded in 2008 as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in IT by Computer World. Other accolades are from PC World and Hispanic Business in 2009. The company was named as Top Green IT Enterprises and Diversity Elite 60 by these respective award-giving bodies.

Kinds of Jobs Offered by USPS

Before you decide to go for a www.USPS.com employment application, you should be aware of the positions they have in the company so that you can prepare properly.

Whether you are new in the workforce or you are an experienced professional, you can find a suitable job for sure. They have entry-level positions and executive level jobs too.

What you must know though is how you can be selected as an employee. You should know that the company is looking for reliable and motivated individuals to work for them. They have all kinds of jobs, from sorting to distribution to customer service and transport. Presently, they are hiring people for jobs dealing with customer service, package shipping and delivery. You can start applying if you are 18 years old or older.

As a federal agency, USPS is well aware of the rights of the employees. They also know that the success of the company lies in the happiness and satisfaction of the employees so they put great benefits in place. Aside from security of tenure, the company also offers extensive training, paid vacation, health insurance, sick leave and 401k retirement plans. It is also very easy to transfer from one location to another, which is a great benefit especially to individuals with families that are moving from one state to another.

The downside to working in USPS, some employees say, is the fear of losing to technologies. For example, an employee mentioned that they are constantly being reminded of how poor the company is performing. Although this is something that might push you back from applying, do not let it stop you. USPS is still strong as it is backed up by the federal government, and the benefits and remuneration package is higher than all the other private companies.

Tips in Applying in USPS

Current local jobs

Now that you are aware of what positions the company offers, you can start selecting one. Check the job and see if it fits you. You can consider your educational background and your previous jobs in choosing which one you will enjoy and love the most.

Get to http://www.usps.com/employment, to see the locations and job openings.

To increase the chance of getting hired, here are some things you should remember:

  • Research the jobs. Look at job specifications and read on reviews on how the work should be done. There is plenty of information on the Internet, and you should start reading and studying about the company and its openings before you jump on board.
  • Fill out the application form carefully. Whether you are filling out an online application form or a printed one, you should remember to check for spelling and other errors. It is imperative that your resume or online application looks professional because it is the first thing that employers will see. It will create the first impression, so make it real good.
  • Be honest. Since you’re filling out crucial information about yourself, you should be very honest. USPS is a government agency, they are good in doing background checks, so in order to avoid any issues, tell the truth.
  • Re-check everything. Look at all the fields and ensure that all blanks have been filled out. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes once again and then sign the form.

In your interview, remain honest and answer everything as detailed as you can. Be comfortable and confident. Smile always and show sincerity while answering the interviewer’s questions. Highlight what you’re good at, say what you can do for their company and make the person feel that you really want the job. And, one last thing, do not forget to wear business clothes. This is the first time the interviewer will see you, so you better dress to impress.


USPS is a great company to work with. As a federal agency, you can be assured of nice pay and benefits as they know what they need to provide for their employees. It is highly important that you prepare yourself before you apply here. But do not be too scared to do it, as long as you follow the tips enumerated in this article, your www.USPS.com employment application will surely go well.

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