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Do you enjoy working with people? Do you love a bargain? Are you just starting out in the working world, and having trouble getting hired? If you answered yes to these questions, then submitting a Target application for employment might be exactly the way to start your career in retail.

Company History
Target Corporation was founded in Minneapolis in 1902. Originally the name was Dayton Dry Goods Company, and it would be 1962 before the name Target was adopted. The Target story has been one of steady growth, as it has progressively absorbed several smaller competitor chains, such as Gemco and Fedmart.

Target Corporation is the second-largest, (after Walmart), discount retailer in the USA. Target has over 350,000 employees, and over 65 Billion US dollars in annual revenue. To put that in perspective, of the 227 nations and territories in the world, 144 of them have a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) less than Target’s annual revenues.

Target Jobs
Target hourly jobs fall into one of several categories.

  • Asset Protection and Loss Management – The job of minimizing theft and fraud. Note that this is not security work, this is literally prevention.
  • Facilities Management – This is a fancy name for janitorial work.
  • Food Service – This means working in one of the many food stands or small restaurants located in most Target stores. Target places strong emphasis on food safety.
  • Front End (Guest Services) – The Customer Service desk at any discount store is always going to be busy. You should also expect a certain amount of clean-up duties in this position.
  • Grocery – Target is now a grocery store, too.
  • Human Resources – This involves not just hiring and terminations, but also employee training.
  • Logistics – This is essentially keeping the stores stocked.
  • Pharmacy – Many Target stores have an in-house pharmacy.
  • Price and Presentation – Prices change all the time, and somebody has to mark the changes.
  • Sales Floor – There is a never-ending need for people to work the floor.
  • Supervisory – Here’s your chance to lead a team.

Target has a mid-range employee satisfaction rating, according to anonymous feedback from current and former target employees. A respectable 71% of those responding say they “approve of “ CEO Gregg Steinhafel.

Target has a firm corporate commitment to diversity. In 2010, they were named by Human Rights Campaign as one of the “Best Places To Work For LGBT Equality”.

Getting That Job At Target
Target’s career site is Here. Once you arrive at the page, look at the menu on the left and click either “Hourly in Stores” or “Hourly in Distribution Centers”. (You must be 18 to work in a Distribution Center, but you can apply to work in a Target store as young as 16). Once you arrive at the next page, you’ll see a red button on the right marked “Search For Jobs”.

Unfortunately, Target does not allow you to casually browse through their job openings, as most companies do. They insist that you fill out an employee questionnaire, and they warn you that it will take about 45 minutes. They also warn you that you will need to have your social security number, your permanent address and contact information, information about your education & previous employment, and proof of your right to work in the USA.

And now here are a few odds and ends about getting a job at Target –

  • Average reported wage for a Sales Floor position is $8.26 per hour, with reports ranging from a low of $6.00 to a high of $15 per hour.
  • Average reported wage for a Cashier position is $8.04 per hour, with reports ranging from a low of $6.00 to a high of $12.00 per hour.
  • Applicants report that it can be as long as two weeks after applying online before you are contacted by HR for a phone interview.
  • Applicants report an interview process consisting of a phone interview, followed by online testing, and then a face-to-face interview.
  • Most applicants report fairly standard interview questions focused very closely on issues of customer service.
  • Sample interview question – “If your foot was in the customer’s shoes what would you expect from the associate?”.
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service.”
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.”
  • Sample interview question – “Name a time you were frustrated with another coworker and how did you handle it?”
  • Sample interview question – “What is your biggest weakness?”

And there you have a quick briefing on what you need to know to get a job at Target. Especially if you are just starting your career, and you don’t yet have a lot to put on your resume, Target can definitely offer you that first boost up. But you need the patience to sit down and fill out their questionnaire, and it is the same process whether you do it online, or at a job kiosk in a Target store.

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