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Being the world’s largest office products company there are many options for Stable job applications. The company is a trusted source for office solutions. The company provides all sorts of office products, services and appliances such as, furniture, copy and print, technology and so on. It works in three distinct sectors: retail, business to business, and eCommerce. Founded in 1986, Staples has annual sales of $25 billion today that holds the second position in the ranking of eCommerce sales. Staples is present in more than 26 countries throughout almost all continents. It has about 90 thousand associates worldwide. Thus the company immensely helped the easy availability of office products everywhere. The company headquarters is situated at Framingham in Massachusetts.

Jobs at Staples
As Staples is the world’s largest office product company and recognized over 26 countries, it employs a great number of workers. Thus, job opportunities in Staples are pretty high in this company. A candidate has the options to join the company in retail, online, one of their B2B units or other businesses. Undoubtedly, a worker will experience the fascination and great enthusiasm while working as a Staples staff.

As there are a lot of posts available at Staples, an associate’s career can be dynamic and can grow in many ways. In order to help them and develop their skills, the company arranges training program. Moreover, they have plenty of opportunities to learn from their colleagues. Significantly, the workers will utilize their newly achieved knowledge in everyday practice. Thus, their skills will flourish and their responsibilities will grow as well.

Staples provides their associates with the opportunity to make suggestions, take leadership, and manage their own improvement. Staples emphasizes the associates’ utmost potentials to do the job, ambition, and energy.

staples easy buttonAt the very core of Staples is the entrepreneurial spirit that founded our company over 25 years ago – which means we live and breathe the energy of an always-growing, positive-thinking, fast-moving company. It’s this excitement, and passion for great ideas and new thinking, that inspires us to be the best we can be every day. That and of course, our company values.

It is noteworthy that, Staples possesses the special characteristics like always-growing, positive thinking, and dynamic progress. Thus, the employees find their jobs pretty creative.

Tips for getting a job at Staples
Staples receives numerous job applications daily. Like most of the companies worldwide, Staples offers online application for available jobs. Applicants should just go to Staples’ career page and find the demanded position. There are numerous opinions about interviews arranged by Staples. About 57% candidates have positive views, 27% and 14% have neutral and negative views about the interview respectively. The most common question asked in the interview is why the candidate wants to work at Staples. It is important that the candidates may not be asked job related or even academic questions always. Whatever the questions are, the candidates should answer them tactfully and patiently. The duration of the interview is also indefinite. Most significantly, the candidates should demonstrate their utmost intelligence and honesty through their answers. Following is the list of tips of getting jobs in Staples.

  • After applying online, one will be called within two weeks for interview.
  • When applying, one should give his/her full name and spelling. The approach of the candidate should be very professional that will help him stand out from the crowd.
  • Dress must be official when appearing in interview. No casual dresses should be worn.
  • Candidates should acquire knowledge about Staples as much as possible. They should be very witty and be ready to answer questions in different situations. They may be asked questions not relevant with the job; however, they should answer them fluently without any hesitation.
  • Candidates should present their previous job experience and other specialties if available. Candidates with experience and flexibility will get better preference.
  • Example question: “How do you handle rejection?”
  • Example question: ”How do you organize yourself?”
  • Example question: “Why do you want to work here”

Staples job is very competitive now-a-days, as it has a great reputation worldwide. Thus, the candidates should develop their skills in order to get the job.

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