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One of the top companies when it comes to the chain of department stores in America and in Canada is Sears. The company is headquartered in Illinois particularly in Hoffman Estates at present. However, its previous headquarters in 1896 was at Sears Tower located in Chicago. Sears began its service to clients as a mail order catalog store. Well, the business then boomed and the company opened different retail stores in different locations in America.
Now when it comes to their retail services, the company provides various products offered to their valued customers. Take note, it’s all about the company’s commitment in offering the best products to customers at an affordable price.

Consequently, after a few decades of providing service to customers, the company eventually was purchased by Kmart in the year 2005 and because of the merger, the company was then launched as Sears Holdings. At present, there are more than 700 retail stores Sears has. These retail stores are mainly located in the US, Canada and even in Mexico. The wide array of products they are selling have expanded as well and some of these are: Clothings, toys, footwear, jewelries, beauty products and more. The total revenue of the company is more than 21 billion dollars and it’s not just about revenue the company is talking about since their aim is also to provide career opportunities to individuals who are seeking a first time job or wants to expand their career.

Sears Career Opportunities


Now if you are looking for a career opportunity Sears has lots to offer for you. Remember, the company is committed to helping people who are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to the different job offers at Sears. Take into account, there are endless opportunities which you can surely apply in the company and its for you to choose what’s the best career you may want to apply for.

At Sears, there are different jobs which are open to job seekers. The fact here is that there are different store locations which can be near you if you are one of the job seekers. So to give you some idea regarding the jobs that are being offered, take notes on these lists:
• Customer service desk associate
• Sales support associate
• Beauty advisor
• Merchandise flow associate
• Counter advisor
• Sales floor associate sporting goods, seasonal, hardware
• Loss prevention lead
• Loss prevention investigator (part time or full time)
• Service technician
• Sales associate – major appliances

Remember, these are just a few of the job offers at Sears. The best thing to do now is to check their website to see all the job opportunities that’s right for you. On the other hand, you may also need to apply once you have searched for the right job.

Again, you can go online and apply directly from their website. On their page, you can directly fill out the job application form. This will serve as your job application profile for reference. Make sure that you fill our the form accurately including your SS number to avail of the benefits in case you’ve been hired.
Now, the next thing you have to do now after submitting the application form online is to wait for the interview if given the chance. There are lots of applicants as well so be patient and just wait for the call for an interview.

Why Work at Sears?
Bear in mind, working at Sears will give you the opportunity to enhance your career. If in case you are just a new job seeker, this will also be your chance to have a decent income. Not only that, but you are also entitled when it comes to the benefits the company has to offer to their employees. You will also work with the best team and rest assured that you will enjoy working in this company.

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