Sara Lee jobs application

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Sara Lee is a superior supplier of confectioneries, meat and other bakery solutions that provides high value products in broad food service operators throughout North America exclusively. Sara Lee products are available in the branded names of Bistro Collection, Chef Pierre and Sara Lee bakery products and the Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Sara Lee meats exclusively.

These products are made available in retail establishments, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues convenience stores, and other food service operations. There are wide ranges of career opportunities available at Sara Lee that operates with more than 9,000 employees, this is the ultimate choice for those with a dream to achieve

Jobs in Sara Lee

Sara Lee CompanyProduction technician

The production technician is responsible for the operation of various kitchen equipment with skill for creating a safe and excellent environment in three different areas such as clean, cook and raw. They need to monitor the procedures with care. Other responsibilities required for the production technicians are:

  • Takes care of the operation process such as repairs, inspection adjustments, cleaning and lubrication
  • LEAN manufacturing- actively participating in procedures to solve line side problems
  • Efficiently and safely handles chemical handling
  • Using the high pressure hose in an excellent manner for cleaning the parts of machineries
  • Inspect the products before and after the sanitation procedures are performed for protein build up and food products
  • Assist in performing certain processes like bending, lifting and moving maximum limit of 30lbs

Bulk load operator

The person employed for the bulk loading jobs is responsible for the operation and coordination of various activities that are related to bulk loading eventually. Other responsibilities expected from the job candidates are as follows-

  • Once the products are received from various distribution centers, the received product need to be checked along with the particular agency load sheet
  • According to the bakery adjustments they need to add or reduce the proportions from the routes
  • Cleaning up the warehouse locations and stacking of the various other properties like the dollies and trays. Sometimes to reposition the empty racks neatly
  • Checks the distributor’s route load sheets and verify it with the loads that are outgoing

Assistant brand manager

The Assistant brand manager is responsible for developing the marketing programs and executing them in a skillful manner. They are required to be professionally talented to communicate excellently and manage the business analysis for the categories and brands for which they are assigned. Other responsibilities are

  • Develop strategies and objectives for the assigned brand product by sharing goals, volume and financial targets
  • Manage P&L to over-deliver the Net Revenue, volume and operating income goals
  • Help in acquiring innovation business and strategy cases that are consistent by focusing certain areas
  • Deliver label design, new package design, marketing support materials and sales collateral material
  • Help the advertising agencies along with other suppliers to excel in the implementation of development and marketing strategies
  • Carefully listen and respond to every sales request regarding the promotions, products, research etc. and provide an accurate information

Benefits enjoyed by the Sara Lee employeessara lee corp

  • 401K Retirement savings plan
  • Health related insurance policies and plans
  • Coverage for medical and drug prescriptions
  • Dental and vision insurance coverage
  • Incentives and rewards for best performance
  • Paid vacation and personal business day
  • Child care assistance

Online Job Application:

To apply for a job in the company, visit the nearest Sara Lee store and apply directly. You can contact them through phone or email provided in their official website. And if you want to locate the nearest Sara Lee store, you can make use of the store locator in their website


The Store Manager earns about $40k -$50k per month whereas Demand Planner gets around $60k – $75k per month. Similarly Sales Representatives are paid $10 – $40 per month.

Company Standing:

The employees working in Sara Lee are OK with their company as 50% of them are willing to recommend the company to their friends. And 32% approve of the CEO, Marcel Smits.

Some of the pros and cons of working in Sara Lee are


  • Good work/life balance
  • Flexible working style and working hours
  • Very professional staffs


  • Repetitive Work
  • Fixed salary
  • Less benefits

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