Sams Club Employment Application

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If you want to get a job in any industry, you should be aware of the nature of the company and their visions first. If you want to be taken seriously, you should also make your interviewers feel that you are interested enough in their company that you took some time researching about them. This can also give you the advantage of knowing how to answer their questions. For example, in this post, you will learn a lot about Sams Club employment application and how you can ace the process.

About the company

Sam’s Club is a chain of supply stores. A part of the Wal-Mart Corporation, it caters to members and gives them huge discounts on items they buy. They usually sell products in bulk, but you can also buy retail, and the stores look like warehouses with bins that contains the stocks. The items they sell ranges from jewelry, computers, gadgets, food and meats. Inside each Sam’s Club are tire shops, pharmacy, bakery, optical shops and florists.

It opened in 1983 on Oklahoma and because of its success, in 1989, it started to build a new branch in the New Jersey. After that, the growth of the company became unstoppable that in 1993, it was able to acquire PACE membership Warehouse in which all their stores and outlets were converted to Sams Clubs. Now, they have about $46 Billion in revenue and is still growing mainly because their 47 million members are still growing in number.

The company is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas and they have locations in 47 states in the US, with only Rhode Island, Vermont and Oregon as the only three states without Sam’s Club. They also have 100 international locations in Mexico, Brazil and China.

Available Jobs in Sam’s Club

If you are looking for a job or career in the supplies industry, then you might want to look up Sam’s Club. They have lots of jobs available, especially in in-store jobs like cashiers, stockers and maintenance staff. If you finish a certain a college degree, then you might want to try out applying for their pharmacy, optical centers, bakeries, auto centers and electronic centers. Aside from that, corporate jobs are also available, so if you are interested in logistics and management, you might look into the positions for that too. Sam’s Club is a great employer, as a Wal-Mart company, they take pride in their equal apportunity policy. As long as you are 17 years old and above, then you could qualify for their job posts.

Regarding salary, cart attendants and cashiers usually get minimum wage starting at $9.37 per hour. Sales associate can get around $10.13 while managers can start at $48,585 per year. Benefits vary from location to location, but the most common are their health and dental insurance, 401K plans, stock options, shopping discounts, paid time off and leaves. The company is known to provide great employee benefits being part of the Wal-Mart group.

Tips for Your Sam’s Club Employment Application

Now that you have learned some information about the company, it is time to decide whether you want a job in Sam’s Club. If you are convinced that this is for you, then it is time to prepare.

Step 1, know what position you will be interested in. You should identify your skills and interests and know your qualifications too. If you are still studying in high school, for example, then you might want to try out with entry-level jobs like cart attendants first. You can check for their available jobs in their careers page.

Step 2, decide whether you want to submit an online application or to submit your resume in one of their locations. For online applications, click here.

Step 3, if online application is what you choose, then fill out the online application form found in their careers page. Filling it out may only take around 30 minutes. It is best that you take your time filling out the application though because you have to ensure that you put in only the correct and accurate information. Employers are on the lookout for people who are very attentive to details, Sam’s Club is no different.

Step 5, sell yourself. Whether in the online application or in the on-on-one interview, make sure you highlight your skills. Show them what you can contribute to their company and make them see the best in you. Be honest with everything you will put in your resume or application. Sell your skills and show them that you have a good working attitude by arriving on time for the interview.

As a member’s only supplies company, Sam’s Club takes pride in their member-friendly stores. It is a must and it should be clear to you that you have to have a polite attitude if you want to get promoted. Here, customers and members are always the top priority, so you should psyche yourself up for that challenge too.


Whether you are looking for your first job or you are trying to get into a greener pasture, Sam’s Club has something to offer to you.

Sam’s Club employment application should be taken seriously as getting in the company will give you an edge in the workforce. They put high premium in their employees and they are also well-known in the country, so a job with them will not only make you quick bucks but will also boost your resume if you’re going to look for another job in the future.

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