Old Navy application for employment

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If you’re looking for a career at Old Navy, you’ll need to know all about the Old Navy application for employment. Here is scoop for getting a job at Old Navy will provide you with the necessary information, tips, and tricks to start an Old Navy career.

About Old Navy

Old Navy Employment Application

Old Navy first opened its doors in 1994 in Northern California with three stores. In less than a year, it had expanded to 57 new stores in the United States! As of the year 2007, Old Navy has more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada alone. store has undergone several re-brandings and re-conceptions throughout the years. IN 2004, the then-president Dawn Robertson attempted to recreate Old Navy as a “high fashion” store similar to American Eagle and Hollister Co. However, these new “high fashion” stores did not do well and in 2008 Old Navy once again re-branded to a more family friendly, fun clothing store.

What kind of jobs does Old Navy offer?
Old Navy offers a range of different jobs. Sales Associates, Customer Experience Associates and Logistics Associates are the most common jobs required at physical stores and are hourly positions. Associates generally make minimum wage in their area, with room for raises depending on experience and performance. Managers make $40,000 – $60,000 per year and General region managers make slightly more with an income of $50,000-$85,000 per year. Most Old Navy manager positions come with an annual income of at least $40,000 with more depending on experience, performance, and location.

Are there any benefits to working at Old Navy? Downsides?
Old Navy provides its employees with good discounts and insurance benefits for full time employees Most downsides reported by employees are related to inconsistent scheduling due to the nature of retail work, and the occasional pressure to meet sales quotas and numbers.

People who work at Old Navy generally report that the job is a bit boring (like most retail jobs) but that the stores have a nice atmosphere. Most employee complaints center around a bad manager or co-worker, and not their work duties.

How to apply for an Old Navy job

Applying to Old Navy in store is also straightforward and simple. You will need to locate the exact store you wish to work for, and ask a working employee for an application. You can fill out the application in the store, or take it home/in the car/outside to finish. Alternatively, you can download the Old Navy employment application here and fill it out ahead of time. This will allow you to concentrate on getting the job once you enter the store.

The Old Navy in store application includes general application information (name, experience, references) as well as questions about your customer service and customer experience. When finished, you then return the application to the employee who gave it to you. However, you should always ask if there is an available manager you can talk to first. Handing a manager your application will establish a better connection and increase the chances of your application being taken seriously. When you apply in store, make sure to dress and act professionally! Potential employers will not take you seriously if you show up popping bubblegum in ripped jeans. You may receive a phone call if you are chosen for the interview process. General application etiquette suggests waiting a week before calling the store to ask about the status of your application.

Inside old navyIn general, you should be prepared to answer application questions relating to your sociability and interpersonal skills. The more you can make these skills shine, the better chances you have of being taken seriously for the job.

Alternatively, you can apply online for an Old Navy store, although studies have shown that in person applicants tend to get more interviews. First, you will need to visit the Gap Inc website. Old Navy is one of several stores under the Gap Inc umbrella, and does not have its own solo career website. Once on the site, go to the Careers section. This section contains an area called ‘Job Search’ which will allow you to search for a job at any Gap Inc owned store.

In order to find an open Old Navy position, you will need to narrow the Job Search function twice. The first time you narrow down the search, you will need to input the following information:
Region (Americas; Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Job Type (Store Sales, Stock, Visual; Store Entry Level Supervisor; Store Leadership; Headquarters; Design; Distribution Centers)
Location (United States stores; Puerto Rico stores; Canada Stores English; Canada Stores French)

After filling out this criteria, you will need to narrow down the search again. You can narrow down the search by area (state and city) by function the Gap Inc brand you wish to apply for. In this case, you should input your state and city and select Old Navy from the list of Gap Inc brands. From there, you will be lead to results which list all of the available positions at Old Navy stores in your area and what each job requires.

In order to fill out an Old Navy online application, you will need to create a Gap Inc membership. Once you have done this, you can fill out the applications which are straightforward and typical of any general retail application. You will be asked for previous work experience, why you want to work there, and whether or not you can perform the basic duties required by the job. Old Navy in particular often asks about your customer experience, how open and social you are with customers, so be prepared to answer questions about your ability to provide customer service. The online application process, including the time it takes to set up a membership, can take about 20 – 30 minutes. You will receive a phone call or other notification if you are picked for the interview process at a local store.

Old Navy is a brand with a focus on a friendly environment and excellent customer service. Applications, whether they are applying online or in store, should focus on their high interpersonal skills and customer satisfaction when filling out an Old Navy application for employment. You will quickly find out if Old Navy is the job for you, or just a quick way to earn some bucks.

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