Kmart Application for Employment Online

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Kmart is hiring!

If you are interested in a career that deals with people, Kmart is one of the best companies to work for. But before you hurry off to the nearest branch in your place, learn more about the Kmart application for employment online and ensure that you will get the job you want.

Kmart Company History

Kmart started as a two five and dime store in 1897. Founded by Sebastian S. Kresge and John McCrory, the company was named as S.S. Kresge store. It underwent different changes since then as it passed through different owners, the Great Depression and the World Wars. Despite of the negative things that happened to the company, it remained strong, stores remain operating and bringing in profit.

The company was known for their Blue Light Specials then, this is when a staff lights a blue police light which means that all shoppers inside the store at the time can get discount items from a department they specify, this sale event discontinued in 2002. But in 2007, Mr. Bluelight, the company’s mascot was created as a nod to this iconic marketing strategy.

November 2004 marked another milestone for Kmart, its merger with Sears Roebuck and Company, which changed the company name from Kmart Holdings Corporation to Sears Holdings Corporation. This merger did not stop the two companies from continuing their brand, they still operate under their names, but there were just few changes that they made.

After the merger, the Kmart stores has been changed from white and blue interiors to brown and orange, the store within a store concept was also introduced. Presently, the store concepts that remain are the free-standing locations in malls, Kmart Super Center, Big Kmart, Kwash and K-Café.

As of 2011, there are 1,307 Kmarts all over the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands.

Jobs at Kmart

Kmart employs thousands of people both in their corporate office and their more than 1,300 stores. If you are 16 years and older, you can definitely start looking for a job in the company that will fit your interest. Entry-level jobs such as cashier, sales associate and store associates are available for those looking for where to start. Their wages range from $7.50 to $8.50 depending on location. If you think you can already lead people, then applying as an assistant store manager can get you a $43,000 salary, while a store manager can get you a salary of more or less $72,000.Specialty jobs such as pharmacy interns, pharmacy technicians, loss prevention managers, payroll and systems administration are also available for those with experience handling these type of jobs.

The company prides in giving comprehensive benefits to their employees, paid vacation, retirement pay, health and dental care are just some of them. They also have commuter benefits and adoption assistance, which is quite a unique benefit.

No company is perfect, as for those who have worked with Kmart, they felt unsecured, especially those who came in before the merger. Lots of branches are closing and the bankruptcy filing scared them off. However, currently, people are becoming more confident with their jobs because of the positive growth that they are seeing in the company. Fun environment, benefits and management are some of the reasons that employees are enjoying their job, according to reviews. So if you are someone who loves to experience these, then you will love it in Kmart.

Tips in Getting a Job in Kmart

Like most companies nowadays, applying for Kmart is done via the Internet. Just go to their careers page at and find the position you are applying for. Just choose between Stores, Home Services, Distribution and Corporate and check out the opportunities available in each division. Furthermore, here are other things that you need to remember when applying for a job in Kmart:


  • Kmart’s online process called Odyssey, according to reviews, is a bit tedious. They do have a lot of questions that you need to answer. Some say that it is almost like being interviewed for the job already. Expect and set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour when filling out an online application.
  • There are some behavior questions included in process. In these cases, it is suggested that you answer questions either with a definite yes or no it may increase your chance of being asked for an interview.
  • Qualify yourself. Know what your skills and experiences are if you have any. This will help you in deciding what position you can apply for.
  • Read all the requirements and qualifications for the job you are choosing. This will ensure that you’ll know what to answer during the interview.
  • Take your time in filling out the form. Make sure that there are no typographical errors or grammatical errors in your cover letter and in the application form. Remember, this is your ‘first impression’ with the hiring manager.
  • Review the form and your letter before you click on submit. This step is very important if you really want to snag the job from Kmart.
  • During the interview, come in prepared. Read things about the company again so that when the hiring manager asks you why you want to join them, you’ll know how to answer. Dress to impress and make sure you make a good impression the first time they see you.
  • Some Kmart stores do background check and drug test as part of the hiring process. If the nearest branch in your area does that, do not be surprised. This is where being honest in filling out your form comes in, if they find out you answered untruthfully, and they find out in your background check, then you might lose the chance for a position.
  • Expect to wait. Most people who applied in Kmart says that they have to wait for 3 weeks or so before they received a call from the hiring managers. Although some we’re lucky to get a call immediately, it is still best to be patient if you need to.

A job in Kmart is not difficult to get. But once you’re in, you should prove your worth. Most people who worked at the company say that they promote easily, especially if you do your job well.

So make sure that after your Kmart application for employment online is done, you will not stop in impressing your superiors and make your job a career that can last you for long.

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