Home Depot employment application

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To get a job at the Home Depot you need to find the right way of applying for the right position and the Home Depot employment application is all that can help you to do that. You have to be precise, confident and should posses a crystal clear idea about your goal so that you can opt for the right choice while searching for a job, especially at a place like Home Depot. A fruitful career depends not only upon where to apply but also how to apply. So, if you are heading to the home remodeling store, you need to focus on how to do it perfectly.

About the Company

Home Depot

Home Depot is an American retailing company which offers home improvement, construction products and services to its consumers. The company was formed in 1978 by Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Pat Farrah and Ron Brill. Their primary goal was to build home improvement warehouses that would not only give neck to neck competition but would actually exceed any of their competitors’ services. In 1979 the first two stores of Home Depot were opened in Metro Atlanta. At that time the head quarter of the company was in Terrell Mill road which is on the southeast corner of Marietta. But in 1990 it was shifted to Paces Ferry, Georgia and from then on its still there.

According to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, Home Depot is currently the largest home improvement products retailer in the United States and comes forth as the general retailer. This rank is given to the company based on the amount of overall revenue reported to the U.S Security and Exchange Commission. The company has its stores all over the United States including 50 U.S states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. There are chains of stores in all ten provinces of Canada and in Mexico. The company has also developed its business on China. Every store of Home Depot is designed in a warehouse style fashion with the average area of 105,000ft. The largest store of the company is situated in Union, New Jersey. The Home Depot also provides mega stores with more options and facilities.

Types of positions

Home Depot sectionsAs the largest retailing company of America, Home Depot has numerous posts to run its system methodically and all over the year the company hires loads of employees for these posts. There are some common posts for which the company conducts most of its employment interviews. These are- administrative assistant, store manager, assistant store managers, customer care supervisor, cashier, after hour truck uploading associate, customer service coordinator, freight team member, general warehouse associate, general maintenance associate, home décor collections customer care representative, installation sales associate, lot associate, inventory control associate, office associate, sales associate (salary $25.162/hr) , paint sales associate, stock associate and transportation coordinator, kitchen and bath designer (salary $16.84/hr)operation assistant manager ($55.787/hr). The employment posts range from entry level employees to part time staff to professional full time associates. Based on rank and post, like any other company, Home Depot rewards its employees.

Homer Depot benefits

The Home Depot offers several benefit packages for both of its part time and full time employees. These packages include health insurance, life insurance, vision and dental plans, disability aid, retirement plans, paid vacations and tuition reimbursement. This is different than many retailers who only offer benefits to full time employees. In addition, the stores tend to attract people who already enjoy working on construction projects. The stores rewards knowledge of home improvement and repair.

Applying for a position

The minimum age level to fill up a Home Depot employment application form is 16. Any person below that level will not be considered as a valid applicant. Most of the Home Depot stores operate from 6am to 10 pm; sometimes the stores also open on Sundays but for shorter hours. But these criteria can vary, so, before you go for applying you need to check every detail about your local Home Depot stores on their online site.

To apply for a job at Home Depot, you need to visit the company’s official career site. There you will find an application form and all you have to do is to fill up that with utmost care and detailed information. You can fill the form up online and submit it instantly or you can print it out and go to the concerned office to submit your application. But Home Depot, like the other retail chains, does not require a by-person application submission. The whole work of Home Depot employment application can be done through internet and you can do it sitting on your home, being at ease.

The whole process of filling up the entire form takes 30 to 45 minutes maximum. There are several important steps in the form which you need to complete carefully and before you submit the application you are advised to cross check every details about yourself and also about the store and the job you are applying for. Home Depot asks the potential employees to inform the company about their educational background, previous employers and work experiences, the name of the supervisor under whom you were employed previously, his or her contact details along with your residential address, contact number and even your driving license details can on the list. So, gather this information and prepare yourself before filling out the job application.

In the job application form there are choices like “in-store hourly” and “distribution center hourly”. These choices give you the liberty of selecting the desired mode of working hour. The form also demands your exact residential location to give you the list of those Home Depot stores which are near of your vicinity. This options narrows down the job location to reduce the time of your search.

The application will also request you to create an account name and password. Once you submit the form it will be distributed all those stores you have selected for consideration and if you get selected then the interview schedule will be delivered to you through your newly created account. The site also provides sample questions which are usually asked in the interviews so that you can be well prepared once you receive the call letter.

The best feature about the Home Depot is that it does not restrict you to a single position. You can apply for more than one post. Another valuable feature about this company is that you can save your important data regarding this job even if your application is not complete. The company will save your data from 4 weeks to 6 months so that you can retrieve it whenever you want to.

Home Depot has been given much international recognition for its integrity and reputation. If you want to start your career working for a leading retail company then your best option is to visit Home Depot’s official site and fill up the Home Depot employment application form.

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