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One of the industries that still remain strong after the market crash is the supermarket industry. Of course, eating is an activity we cannot bypass. In fact, food is the number one need of humans, which is why, even though you can live without your Internet service, you cannot let a week pass by without grocery shopping. If you are thinking of getting in a career that will not be affected much by economic strains, then try a employment application.

About Food Lion

For over half a century, Food Lion has been happily and effectively serving customers in their 1300 locations in the United States. They are a membership store, yet they offer their membership for free, which is very convenient. Food Lion has over seventy five thousand employees, and they have been cited as one of the best place to work with if you are part of the LGBT community in 2010.

Jobs at Food Lion

If you think that supermarket jobs revolve around being a bagger or cashier, in Food Lion, you certainly have other options. A corporate job is available in their Salisbury, NC headquarters and managerial posts can also be found in all their locations. Anyone over 16 years can apply for a position according to experience and education and there are several jobs that can help you hone your skills. Here are sample job openings in Food Lion and their specifications:

Market associate. The only post directly involved in the Meat Department of the store. They are expected to be a role model of customer service, which they also have to impart this attitude to all the associates.


Cake decorator. A good job if you have skills acquired from a previous job, or in school. As a cake decorator, you will be tasked to prepare pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other desert items. You may also need to take orders and take care of the cleanliness of the bakery area. Quality standards of baked items are also something that a cake decorator should look into.

Customer service sales manager. You should be directly responsible for supervising associates and customer service assistants in the store. You should be used to providing instruction and direction, as they will act as an OIC when the store manager is not around.
Grocery associate. Also known as a stocker, you will be responsible for ensuring that the shelves are well-arranged and the stocks and inventory are monitored.

Aside from these jobs, there are many other jobs where you can apply. Distribution jobs such as delivering goods and items are available too, as well as corporate careers. It is good to share these jobs so you’ll have an idea of what to expect when you apply for a job at Food Lion.

Salary and Benefits at Food Lion

The company offers generous salary package, sales associates and other entry level posts are given $7 to $10 per hour. On the other hand, managers can get up to $75,000 and assistant managers up to $52,000. Not only that, Food Lion gives out benefits to qualified employees, the major ones being medical and dental coverage, paid vacation and holidays, 401k and flexible spending account. Their benefits package does not stop from there though, they have Wellness Bonus, which they give out to employees who does not get sick or who does not miss any workdays in a given year. This bonus is part of the profit that the company gets in a year.

Some people say that getting a job in Food Lion is not something you should consider for the long-term because the hours are short and there are less benefits compared to working in another industry or company. However, it should really depend on you. You may like the job so much that you can consider just applying and hoping for a promotion, and staying there for a few years or so. There were a lot of Food Lion employees who apparently found a long-term career in the company, so you should also be looking forward to it.

Getting a Job in Food Lion

After reading what the company is and what it offers, you may find it interesting to work there already. If this is you, then continue reading this article to get an insight on what to do to snag that job at Food Lion.

The first thing you need to do is to fill-out a job application form. It is available on their website, and in any of their stores near you. When applying online, which is a popular way of application now because of its convenience, you should remember that this is the first thing that the hiring managers will see. It means that you have to answer the questions as honestly as possible, and since you are filling out an online application, you can take your time. Review spelling and grammar mistakes and see if all the information you put in are accurate, especially your contact information. Also remember to be specific when being asked what job you are applying for. Avoid answering ‘any’ because it shows that you are uncertain of what you want to achieve, which they may construe as a negative attribute. If you are unsure of what career you want, look at the jobs they have open and study its specifications. Know which of them match your skills and which of them you can do happily.


It is easy to get a to your employment application if you do your homework well. Know about the company and get to know what kind of job you can do. Be honest and confident about yourself and surely, you will be able to start a flourishing career in the company.

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