Family Dollar Application for Employment

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If you are looking for a career, new in the workforce or you want to learn new things to bring to your next job, then having a career in the retail industry is perfect for you. When working these kinds of job, you will discover a lot of things, from treating customers correctly, having patience and doing the technical side of business. If you want all these, while working in a fun environment, then a Family Dollar application for employment may be right for you.

About Family Dollar

Family Dollar is a regional retail store chain in the US. Most of their items are below $10, they also have different price points, which customers It has over 7,000 stores in 45 states with a corporate office in Matthews, North Carolina. A publicly-traded company with a symbol of FDO, it is a huge company which earned $8.5 billion in 2011.They have thousands of employees across all states, while 400 people work at their distribution centers.

The chain received different accolades from institutions; most notable ones are “America’s Top Companies in 2009” from Forbes and Barron’s 500 which proves the company’s reputation and good business status.

Family Dollar Jobs

Whether you want a long-term career or an entry level job, you will surely find one that will suit your needs at Family Dollar. If you are over 18 years old and you want either a part-time of full-time work, then visit a branch near you and inquire what post will fit your qualifications.

In order to help you, here are some of the positions available in their different locations:

Retail associates – these jobs require you to assist customers in their purchases. You should be ready to help out when needed, and smile every time. You are the first point of contact of customers because you will be located in the store aisles and may also be roaming the store.

Jobs in Family Dollar

Stock Associate – when you get this job, you will be asked to organize and the stocks and keep the store and store rooms clean. You will be tasked to check on expiration dates and record inventory too. Wage is about $7-$8 per hour.

Customer service representatives – as a CSR you will be manning the cash registers. You will also be asked with lots of questions, so you should be ready and patient to answer. You will be paid around $8 per hour.

Manager – there are different kinds of managers, assistant managers, store managers and others depending on what the branch requires. Salary ranges from $25,000- $40,000 depending on qualifications.

Corporate positions are also available. So if you are an experienced professional who wants to work for the retail industry, or someone who wants to be in an office tinkering with computers, these jobs are worth checking out. Warehouse and distribution posts are also available for those who want physical jobs.

Benefits of Working in Family Dollar

Family Dollar is one of the companies that offer numerous job benefits to their employees. Enjoy flexible scheduling, medical, dental and vision benefits, sick and vacation leaves, life insurance, disability insurance, 401k, stock purchase plan, military leave and even prescription drug benefits. They also have excellent training programs that will not only help you learn how to work in the store, but will also prepare you for promotion or other jobs.

Despite of all the nice things that you can receive when you work with Family Dollar, there are those who complain that the work environment is stressful. This, however, is compensated by great management team and work culture. Aside from that, almost all companies and work are stressful, so it is not really right to look at the work-environment there as something endemic to Family Dollar stores. Over-all, according to comments, Family Dollar is a nice company to work for, they help in bringing food to the table and more.

Applying for a Family Dollar Job

According to the company’s website, if you wish to snag a job with them, it is best if you start an online application. Fill out the online forms properly and attach a resume if you want. But before you begin any process, read on and see what more you can do to ensure you will get that position.

Apply online. Again, this tip came from their website. They said that as soon as you send the application form, the recruiter who posted the job on their careers site will be able to read it. If you want a job and you want it fast, then hit them up through

Check your forms and resumes for error. Double check everything before you press on the submit button. Look for grammar and spelling errors because this can make or break your application. Remember that when you are applying online, the first thing they see is your forms and resume, you have to make it properly so that you can impress whoever will read it.

Dress up. When invited for an interview, dress to impress. Do not think that because you’re just applying for a retail associate position, you can already wear tattered jeans!

Be sincere. When in an interview, maintain eye contact with the interviewer to show your sincerity. Answer his or her questions truthfully and be confident but not too much.

Family Dollar is a very popular company, they offer nice remuneration package and they treat their employees very well. If you like fun and wants to earn money while having it, then just pursue a Family Dollar application for employment.

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