CVS Employment Application

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If you like to work with a company with a great reputation, chances are, you have been trying to find out about CVS employment application.  Why not, CVS is a huge company, which not only give out good remuneration package, but also a great experience that can boost your resume.

About CVSCVS Employment Application

CVS or CVS Caremark is the biggest pharmacy health care company in the US. It aims to provide patients and customers the best health care service at a reasonable price. They have businesses in different facets of the industry like retail clinics, mail order pharmacy, store-type pharmacy and Medicare Part D Plans. Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, there are thousands of branch of CVS all over the US. In fact, almost all the states have CVS in them.

The company’s history is also quite interesting. Brothers, Sidney and Stanley Goldstein with Ralph Hoagland started the first CVS store in Lowell Massachusetts. It sold beauty and health products and it became very popular and reputable that is why for only one year, the store became a chain with 17 stores. In 1974, it achieved a feat; it registered an annual sale of $100 million, which proved that the business really grew exponentially as it met the needs of members and customers. That growth has been unstoppable, until in 2009, the company opened the 7,000th CVS pharmacy in Little Canada, Minnesota. It gathered awards from Forbes and Fortune in 2009 and 2008, and has been cited as one of the best companies by different publications such as Aside from that, it was also given the gold award for the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles by the National Business Group on Health in 2009.

Today, the company employs a total of 5,000 people, most of them regular employees receiving benefits and great salary package. In the business side, it has been proven to have an excellent system as they are still strong and they survived the odds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working at CVS

Being a leader in the pharmacy industry, getting a job in CVS is something to be desired. It is also known as a company that provides a lot of benefits like above average pay, salary increase, flexible time and comprehensive on-the job training. CVS offers medical, vision, dental and life insurance packages for employees who they deem qualified. These employees can also get a flexible savings plan, 401(k) and stock purchase plan. As a retail company, they also give out merchandise discounts to their employees, which is something that most applicants look forward to.

The experiences that you can get while working for CVS can also do a lot of good things for you. When you like dealing with people, and you want an exciting day every day at work, then you can surely get it from the company. When you leave and apply to a different industry, you can also use the things that you know to get a higher position and higher compensation package.

On the other hand, those who have worked with the company said that the reason they quit is that, there is not enough opportunities for advancement, especially for a post like pharmacy technician. However, most employees and ex-employees’ review said that over-all; working at CVS is a great event in their work lives, not only because of their superb pay package and benefits, but also because of the work environment.

Job Posts at CVS

CVS Employment ApplicationFirst-time employees who are trying to apply for a job in CVS are being given a post as a sales associate. Although offering only a minimum wage, there are salary increases if you perform really well. A sales associate can be assigned in behind the register, the shelves or just assist the pharmacist in what he is doing. The other sales associate post, which focuses on beauty products are for people interested in working in the cosmetics industry. They may assist customers in their purchase or just fix the stocks in the shelves. If they work hard, they can get a promotion as a Beauty 360 consultant. Other positions that CVS has are Shift Supervisor, Photo Lab Associate, Customer Service Associate, Pharmacy Supervisor, Pharmacist, Assistant Manager, Security, Customer Care Representative, Maintenance Mechanic and Pharmacy Intern, to name a few. Salary, on the other hand, depends on what positions you are applying for and what skills you are putting in the job. The most common posts like Pharmacist and Sales Associate have an average pay of $51.57 per hour and $8.35 per hour, respectively.

Applying for a Job at CVS

The most acceptable way of applying for a job in CVS is through the Internet. Since the company only accepts direct hires or direct applications, you must go to their career site directly: There, you can find jobs that fit your interests and qualifications. Fill-out the application form online and wait for someone to contact you.

Of course, getting a job does not end in applying to it. Once you get the interview schedule you have to prepare. Make sure that you arrive on time for your interview schedule. Practice your smile and if you could, practice how you will answer the interviewer. Remind yourself to speak politely and clearly so that the person will be impressed with your manners and how well you speak.

Be informed that you can also apply at the store where you desire to work. As much as possible, speak to the one who has the authority to hire you. Find out as much information as you can before you go there though, and be prepared for tests and interviews as well.

It is not difficult to get in and work in the CVS. As they usually need a lot of people, there is continuous hiring everywhere. According to some employees, as long as you show the right attitude and a lot of interest in the job and company, you can be considered for a job post. So, do not be scared, your CVS employment application will be alright, as long as you put your heart and mind in the job.

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