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One of the sought after department stores in America is Belk Incorporated. Although it is considered as a mid range department store, a lot of customers flock the company’s department stores in over 16 states in the United States. Bear in mind, the department store company has 299 store locations and other establishments are well on the way to be constructed. The department store has a wide array of products they can offer to customers.

From shoes, bags, jewelries, clothings, fashion accessories and even home furnishings are all ready for customers to buy. Although the company has other competitors in the United States, they are still keeping in line with the competition. This is because of the affordable prices, they would offer to their valued customers. Take note, in the year 2014, the company has a total revenue of 4 billion and this indeed an income success for the family owned company.

Talking about family, the company was established by William Henry Belk in the year 1888 and it was founded way back then at Monroe, North Carolina but their main headquarter today is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, the company has grown and expanded and more and more store locations have been established. At present, the company is owned by the third generation of Belks and their goal is to further improve what the company has and this is to provide more revenue for the company and to provide more jobs for people who are ready to work with them and earn a decent income.

Belk Career Opportunities

Now if you are indeed looking for a job, there are lots of job offers in Belk department store which may interest you. If you have the skills, knowledge and years of experience in working over at different department stores, then you can surely apply directly or you can apply over at their website. Well, the company is also hiring students and fresh graduates so don’t worry if you are still a newbie at finding a job since you can still apply, be trained and be a part of the work force at Belk.


Consequently, there are different job offers which you can choose to apply at Belk. Some of these are as follows:


  • Sales associate
  • Customer service
  • Cashier
  • Store supervisor
  • Store assistant manager
  • Store manager
  • Product Merchandiser
  • Product driver
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Inventory supervisor
  • Salon manager
  • Shoe sales associate

These positions offered can be full time or part time. Remember, there are also corporate positions available for you. Again, you must have the skills, experience and proper knowledge when it comes to applying for a corporate job at Belk.

Now in applying online, you can simply check out their main website and click on the career page. From there, you can choose the job, apply and fill out the form that needed for your job profile reference.

Make sure that every detail in the application form is filled to assure that you are providing accurate information as you apply. Be honest and make sure that all your credentials are indicated as well.

The next thing you have to do now after submitting the application form online is to wait for the call of the human resources department. You may have to wait 2 -3 days for their call. In the interview, you should provide honest and reliable answers, that’s related to the questions they would throw to you. This way, you are able to pass and become a part of the work force of the company.

Once you;ve become an employee, you are entitled to having the full benefits as an employee of the company. So why not apply now and earn money.

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