AAFES Employment Application

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If you want to work for a company with a mission, then an AAFES employment application is right for you!

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, better known as The Exchange is a part of the United States Department of Defense, whose task is to provide high-quality items and services to authorized customers at low prices. Military members are being served by this agency, thus The Exchange is present in more than 30 countries, and in all 50 states and US territories.

The agency also aims to produce earning to support the MWR Programs (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) of the Army and Air Force, therefore, this is not just about the revenues, but a “giving back” mission as well.

AAFES Agency Information

According to their website, the AAFES wants to be with the military members anywhere they go, so that they can be given a sense of home. Currently with over 12.2 million customers worldwide, this represents the Army, reservists, Air Force, retirees and families, The Exchange has 1,300 fast-food restaurants and 174 main stores.

Because of the great brands and great prices available in the agency, the organization got revenue of $9.8 billion in 2009, which may have already increased by this year. In fact, 2011, they gave the MWR programs a total of $203.3 million, which proves that the agency is doing well, business wise.

Some of the franchises the AAFES got are Krispy Kreme, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Horton’s, Taco Bell and a lot more. They also have their proprietary brands like Anthony’s Pizza, KC Cattle, The Chicken Loft and Sabre.

Jobs and Benefits at AAFES

Since it is a government agency, the benefits of working in AAFES are far too many. The company’s benefits are more comprehensive, and are unique; unlike the private companies that offers the same things to their employees.

Medical benefits – they offer two types of medical plans, the Traditional and the Open Choice PPO Plan, in which the Exchange will pay 70% of the premium.

Dental benefits – it can be included in the HMO or it can be purchased stand-alone. Like the health benefit, they pay 70% of the premium here too.

Insurance- basic life, accident, dependent life and supplemental insurance are available for their associates. Although these insurance are employee pay all plans, they are still helpful as these insurance are a necessity.

Tuition Assistance – if you want to go back to school, the Exchange will show their support. They have tuition fee reimbursement and it doesn’t matter if you’re taking up Associate, Bachelor or Master’s degree.

Flexible Spending Account- whether you are a part-time or full –time worker, you can enroll for the Health Care Flexible Spending Account for things that are not covered by the medical benefits, or out-of pocket medical expenses.

Leaves – vacation and sick leaves for AAFES associates are also great. With 2.5 weeks of leave as a minimum, it increases with your tenure. You also get paid time off during holidays if qualified.

Retirement – by contributing only 0.8% of your salary, you get a retirement plan.

If you want all these benefits and if you wonder what job you can apply to, then read on and you’ll be glad that there’s a career for almost every skill and educational background.

If you are a people person, then a job in audit, business intelligence, business transformation, equal opportunity and general counsel may interest you. Meanwhile, if you are more analytical, you can get in their finance and accounting department, information technology, procurement and logistics and planning. You can also apply as a sales associate or marketing personnel if you like selling and analyzing market trends.

Regarding the salary, they offer great rates which are at par with salaries of private companies. For example, sales associates and cashiers can also enjoy a per hour rate of $8 per hour.

Applying at AAFES

If you are applying for AAFES, prepare to wait. According to some reviews, it usually takes a few months before you will get hired. After applying, you will receive a call back, and you will be invited for a one on one interview. Then the job offer will be signed, but you will not start right away as there will be background checks they will need to do.

For the interview, prepare to answer questions such as why do you want to work there, what can you contribute to the company and what is your idea of customer service. All these questions have no right or wrong answer however, your answer to this will determine your attitude to work and the level of your desire to work with them. Another thing to keep in mind is you must do some research about the agency and what they do, as it is also one of the more common questions.

Working at AAFES

Having a chance to work for a government agency, according to some people who already worked with AAFES, is a great opportunity. They give out stable hours, which is good if you want to earn more. For some, it is a bit difficult because of the shifts. Over-all, employees at AAFES love the work and the vision that comes with it.

If you are the kind of person who wants to work with a purpose, then start your AAFES employment application now!

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