Texas Roadhouse employment application

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Texas Roadhouse Logo
The logo of Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is an American restaurant chain specializing in steak. Texas Roadhouse serves ribs, chicken and seafood other than steak. In this article, we will take a look at the available jobs and requirements at Texas Roadhouse.

Company History –
The company was founded by Kent Taylor in 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana. Kent Taylor worked used to work as the manager at KFC and wanted to open a Colorado-themed restaurant. He was helped by former Kentucky governor John Y. Brown Jr. who backed him up with $80,000. In the year 1991, Kent Taylor opened Buckhead Hickory Grill, which would eventually become Buckhead Mountain Grill. Brown wanted to invest more money and open a new store in Clarksville, Indiana. However, their partnership fell apart before the store could be opened. Kent Taylor found other investors and partners and under the name of Texas Roadhouse, opened a new store in Clarksville.

Jobs available at Texas Roadhouse –
Here are some of the entry-level jobs at Texas Roadhouse –

Food Server : As a food server, your responsibilities are to suggest specific food and beverage items to the customers, to handle all the cash, credit and gift cards received during the shift. You have to account for all the monies at the end of each shift. For this job, an experience in food serving is preferred and you will be required to multi-task often.

Meat Cutter : As a meat cutter, your responsibilities are to to cut fresh, hand cut steaks daily. You will also be responsible for the security and sanitation of the meat room and be able to work in extremely cold conditions for long periods of time. The employee will be required to participate in daily steak audits. You will be required to read and follow a recipe as well. Consistency for this job is a must.

Line Cook : As a line cook, you will cook the specified recipe requested by the guests. You will have to comply with the quality standards, department rules, policies and standards of the company. You will need to understand equipment usage and calibration. The line cook is expected to meet and maintain food and plate presentation standards. You will also be required to read recipes and prep sheets.

Bartender : As a bartender, your job requires responsible service of alcohol and cash handling. Some heavy lifting might be involved in this job. You will be required to work under pressure and provide efficient service.

Host/Hostess : As a host/hostess, you will ensure that each guest gets a warm welcome and goodbye when dining at Texas Roadhouse. You will answer all phone calls, handle to-go orders and call ahead seating requests.


Texas Roadhouse restaurant
A Texas Roadhouse restaurant at 36750 Ford Road, Westland, Michigan

What are the benefits offered by Texas Roadhouse?
The benefits that are offered by Texas Roadhouse are flexible hours/schedules, Life Insurance, one week of paid vacation after one year of service and opportunity for growth. Also, you can dress casually (jeans and t-shirt).

How to apply for a job at Texas Roadhouse?
In order to apply for entry level positions at Texas Roadhouse, you will have to walk in to your nearest Texas Roadhouse and talk to the manager. Usually, a one-on-one interview is conducted and the questions asked are pretty straightforward and common, for example, “Why do you want to work at Texas Roadhouse?” Be calm and pleasant through the interview process. The emphasis will be on your personality and the interviewer would want to see a customer-centric and friendly attitude. Talk about prior experiences when you can. Candidates with prior work experience are preferred over others. The applicant may also undergo drug screening and background check.

Now, we will go through some important points that might be useful to get that job at Texas Roadhouse:

  • The average salary of a Server at Texas Roadhouse is a dismal $2.53/hr, with the lowest pay being reportedly $2/hr and the highest pay being $4/hr.
  • The average pay of a Bartender at Texas Roadhouse is $4.40/hr, with the lowest pay being reportedly $2/hr to the highest being $12/hr.
  • The average salary of a line cook is $9.44/hr with the lowest pay being $9/hr and the highest pay being $10/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “How would you greet a customer just walking in?”
  • Sample interview question – “When can you work? “
  • Sample interview question – “Why did you leave the past employer?“
  • Sample interview question – “Imagining that I am a customer, try and sell me one of our food items. “

So that was all the information on getting a job at Texas Roadhouse. The pay is not competitive for some jobs although they do provide several benefits and the overall employee satisfaction is very good. Texas Roadhouse employs more than 32,000 people and is quite widespread, operating in more than 320 locations in 46 states.

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