Panera Bread Employment Applications – the Call of Opportunity

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Another opportunity for people to get themselves employed at one of the best companies in the United States of America has just presented itself in form of Panera Bread employment applications. The Panera Bread Company is located in St. Louis and it was founded in the year 1981. This company wants to ensure that every American does not lack bread and not just any bread but nutritious bread.

The Company History
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When the company was started in 1981 it was known as Au Bon Pain.Co., Inc. The company was founded by Ron Shaich and Louis Kane. The company dominated the bakery cafe scene in the eighties and nineties. The company grew to the point it started buying other bread companies. In 1999 all the units of the company were sold except that of Panera bread thus the company was given a new name that is Panera bread. Its share value grew and it was named amongst the top a hundred hot growth companies. Currently the company has one thousand five hundred and ninety one bakery cafes in forty one states in the USA and others in Canada. The company does not take its success for granted as it knows that it is its great labor force that enabled it to reach where it is.

Panera Jobs
What kind of jobs are currently available at Panera Bread Company? Well one simply needs to visit their website and they will find a lot of information on the same. Some of the positions that need filling in the company are the following:

  • Hourly associate, baker and catering
  • Fresh dough manufacturing facilities
  • Support Center/Corporate
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Bakery café management

The company does not allow drinking or smoking on the job. Good bread is made by sober, healthy people. The company holds its employees in high esteem as they want to grow with you thus the following are some of the benefits one gets as an employee;

  • Life insurance
  • Discount programs for employees
  • Competitive salary
  • Disability program
  • Medical, vision and dental insurance
  • Stock purchase plan for employees
  • A retirement (401k) plan
  • A healthcare flexible spending account

How does one get a job at Panera Bread?
The Panera Bread Company is always expanding and so there is always an opportunity presented to individuals who want to become part of this company. There is a form that one should fill in when applying for a job with this company. Since the Panera bread stores are each franchises, they may have slightly different forms. But an example form can be found here. In includes:

  • Personal data
  • Educational data
  • Employment history
  • Accomplishments
  • Military history
  • References
  • Signature

Before putting your signature, there is a note that you should go through very carefully and after you have understood everything you can sign the application form then send it via email then wait for the results with a lot of optimism since Panera is an equal opportunity employer.

Tips for getting a job at Panera Bread Company
panaera soupThere is a saying that goes that many were called but few were chosen. The same goes for the application of a job in this company. Many will apply and be called to an interview but now the interview is the real thing. So what kind of questions should one expect while being interviewed? Get ready for such questions.

  • What made you leave your previous job?
  • Why do you want to work with them?
  • Are you presently studying?
  • What kind of animal would you be?
  • Describe yourself

While answering these questions be yourself and do not be tense. You will be interviewed by at least two people. Do not dress casually. This is not a good first impression. One applicant went for an interview dressed that way and they never made it. The way you dress is how you will be addressed. The last thing is that try to be honest as possible. The staff and managers will be nice to you so be confident and find yourself a job at Panera Bread Company.

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