Outback Steakhouse Jobs

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If you’re looking for a restaurant job, but hoping for something more upscale than fast food, then a Outback Steakhouse job may be just right for you.

Company History
The Outback brand was created in 1988 by a group of partners in Tampa, Florida. Today, that parent company is called OSI Restaurant Partners Inc, and owns and operates 669 restaurants in the USA, as well as another 111 overseas. There are also 153 franchised locations around the world. Overseas locations include Canada, Japan, and over 100 restaurants in South Korea.

Outback Jobs
Hourly jobs at Outback fall into one of these positions –

  • Host – You greet people when they arrive, maintain the reservations and waiting lists, and escort diners to their seats.
  • Bartender – Tend the bar and serve drinks. You’ll need to have completed your bartender training elsewhere to apply for this job at Outback.
  • Head Wait Server – On-floor supervision of the wait staff, dealing with difficult customers, resolving problems.
  • Line Cook – We could write volumes on what a cook does. If you’re qualified for this job, you already know!
  • Prep Cook – See above!
  • Take-Away Person – You handle orders for take-away as they are called in, place the order with the kitchen, receive it from the kitchen, double-check it and package it, and have it ready for the customer when they arrive for pick-up.
  • Trainer – You train new employees. Again, you’ll need prior experience to start here, but anyone can work their way up to this job.
  • Dishwasher – Wash dishes, sweep and mop, and generally do any dirty clean-up jobs that nobody else wants to handle.
  • Busser – You clear the tables after the customers leave, wipe and sanitize the table, chairs and booth, and set the table for the next party.

Outback Steakhouse has a good employee satisfaction rating, as attested to by anonymous feedback from current and former employees. A comfortable 75% “approve of” CEO Jeff Smith.

Outback has been criticized for their food on grounds of healthy eating. Men’s Health magazine noted in an article that the “Aussie Cheese Fries” contain 182 grams of fat and over 3,000 calories.

Getting That Job At Outback
The Outback Steakhouse career site is at http://www.outback.com/careeropportunities . Look at the bottom center, and click on the link for “Hourly Positions”. Once you arrive at the hourly positions page, you want the link “Click here to check out our hourly career opportunities and apply online”. Unfortunately, Outback is one of those companies that requires you to create an account before you can do anything online. If you’re willing to do this, go ahead and fill out the information they ask for, (legal name, email address, and last four digits of your SSN), and click the green button marked “Begin”. Once you get to the next page, you’ll see an explanation that all hourly jobs are divided into front of the house and back of the house, and you’ll be asked to choose one or the other. Next it wants you to enter a restaurant number, and you need to use the “Browse” button to get that. The pop-up window is blank at first, just give it a second and the list of states will appear. My state of California does not appear on the list, because all Outback restaurants here are franchises, and you must apply directly to those. But choose a state, (I picked Arizona for test purposes), and a list of cities will appear. After you have chosen a city, a list of Outback Steakhouse restaurants in that area will appear, together with a small map of each location. Choose the restaurant you want, and once you clear the list with the OK button, the five-digit code will be entered automatically.

Answer the two questions below, and click “Next” at bottom left of the page. Then you’ll get two more typical employment questions, and finally the usual enter your information screen, which is quite extensive, and you should plan to take a half hour or so to fill it out.

Here are a few odds and ends of information that you may find helpful –

  • Average wage for waiters and waitresses is a brutally low $3.71 per hour, ranging from a low of $2.00 per hour to a high of $8.00 per hour. This is possible because some Outback restaurants are taking advantage of state laws in some states which permit tipped employees to be paid less than minimum wage, in some cases as low as $2.00 per hour. This is mainly an issue on the east coast, and unless you live in one of those states, will not affect you. Check your own state minimum wage laws for more information.
  • Average wage for a host or hostess is $5.71 per hour, ranging from a low of $2.00 per hour to a high of $10.00 per hour. See the note above on sub-minimum wage.
  • Most online applicants report a prompt response, usually within two business days.
  • Interview process seems to be casual, sometimes one interview, sometimes two.
  • Applicants for money-handling positions report being given a basic math test.
  • Sample Interview question – “Do you like people?”.
  • Sample Interview question – “Why do you feel you should be an Outbacker?”.
  • Sample Interview question – “Tell me about yourself”.
  • Sample Interview question – “What does your college schedule look like?”.
  • Sample Interview question – “What qualities about yourself do you need to work on?”

And there you have it, a quick summary of what you need to know about applying at Outback Steakhouse. As long as you’re not in one of those sub-minimum wage states, Outback Steakhouse jobs is a good choice. And even if you are, frankly, your tip from one table will likely make up the difference in an hour’s wage.

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