KFC Employment Application

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The world’s most popular chicken restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is well-known for its original recipe chicken. Aside from being a store that sells that yummy chicken, the company also has the most coveted jobs in the fast food industry. Whether this is your first time to apply for a job, or you have been in the food service business for quite some time, a KFC employment application is something you should definitely consider.

A Brief History of KFC

Most of us already heard the story or how Col. Sanders, the founder and inventor of KFC’s original chicken recipe, became very persistent in selling his recipe to restaurant chains back in the 50s. You might have already heard too, of how his success came when he was real old, which really became an inspiration to many.
In 1930, Colonel Harland Sanders came up with a recipe for fried chicken. He sold it in his dining area called Sanders Court Café that is in a gas station in North Corbin, Kentucky. It became very successful that the diner expanded to 142 seats and a motel. Slowly, he made some changes on how he cooks the chicken. Because using an iron skillet takes a lot of time, he developed the pressure frying method which became very effective thus, used until now. In the year 1950, when Interstate 75 was made, which made visitors and travelers bypass Corbin, Sanders closed the restaurant and started offering his secret recipe to restaurant owners. The first one who took him up was Peter Harman, and together, they opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet. In 1960s KFC was sold to in over 600 franchised stores in the North America.

Now, it is owned by Yum! Brands, yet Col. Sanders image and legacy is still being heavily recognized by the company as his picture is still the branding and marketing tool they use.

KFC Today

Presently, KFC serves more than 12 million customers every day. They are present 109 countries all over the world and operate more than 5,200 restaurants in the US. The owner of KFC is in the Fortune 500 List with $11 billion revenue in 2008.

Why KFC? The Benefits and Downside of Working for KFC

Being part of the Fortune 500 List is not an ordinary feat. Because of this achievement, anyone who works for KFC can feel secured that the company is staying for long, thus the job will stay too. Security and prestige is not the only thing you will get when you purse and succeed with your KFC employment application, there are lots of benefits that they offer as well.

If you are just new in the workplace, you will be glad to know that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers paid training so that you can learn all that you need to know about the brand and its operation. Jobs at one of their restaurants are on the shift basis, which means that you could do it while studying or taking up another job. When you do great in your job, you can also take advantage of the discounted gym membership and flexible spending accounts they give to their qualified employees. The common benefits such as life insurance coverage, dental coverage, prescription drugs and health insurance coverage are also being offered by the company. Another things you can take advantage of, if you qualify are the stock purchase plan and the tuition reimbursement benefit that they give out. KFC takes good care of their employees’ well-being so they give out annual paid vacation leaves, sick leave and holiday leaves. Bonuses are also paid out every year.

Despite of the great benefits that a KFC employee can get, some still have some minor complaints. One of them is the difficulty of the job, actually the difficulty of handling customers, especially if you are in the restaurant. It is but normal to experience these difficulties though, and it is being overcome by most employees, especially those who really think of their job as a career and passion.

Tips in KFC Employment Application

Like applying in any other firm, you definitely need to take you KFC application seriously. Being a well-known company, KFC prides itself not only with its delicious fried chicken; they also take pride in employing the best people. In order to score a job from the world renowned company, you should also show yourself worthy to be part of their team. What will it take for them to see that you should be hired? Actually, KFCs interview and hiring tips on their careers website says it all.

Photo from The Guardian

According to them, here are things you should remember if you want to ace the hiring process.

  • Tip 1: Remember first impressions. This simply means that regardless if you are applying for an entry level position, you should dress to impress the manager or the staff who will interview you.
  • Tip 2: Practice. Practice. Practice. Check for the most common questions that interviewers ask and create an answer for each, memorize it and practice it.
  • Tip 3: Don’t be late. Ensure that you leave home early so that you will have lots of time to relax before the interview.
    Tip 4: Take time to know them. Browse the company’s website, find out about the position you are applying for or visit any of their restaurants. This will show that you are interested enough to be in the company.
  • Tip 5: Be yourself. Show your most impressive side, yet make sure that it is really you so that you could live up to their expectations when you get hired.
  • Positions Available at KFC

    There are two job categories, managerial and entry level post. For entry level positions like cooking food and serving and taking orders, they accept anyone 16 years old and above. Meanwhile, those interested to become a manager have to be 18 years old and over. With regards to salary, service crews and kitchen helpers or team members as they are called earn around $7 to $10 per hour. On the other hand, assistant managers are salaried at $25,000 to $43,000 and restaurant general managers can earn from $32,000 to $57,000.

    Those who want to be office staff can also apply for administrative jobs like maintenance technician, retail associate, and creative culinary and web developer. Learn more about KFC jobs from their career page here.

    If you like to have a career in a famous fast food chain then it’s high time you consider working for KFC. They offer the best benefits in the industry and they look after their employees too. Whether you are doing your KFC employment application because you’re using it as a stepping stone, or you’re considering it as a career you can build, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision.

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