Dave and Buster’s employment application

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The logo of Dave and Buster's
The logo of Dave and Buster’s

Dave and Buster’s is an American restaurant and entertainment business. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We are going to take a look at employment opportunities at Dave and Buster’s in the following lines.

Company History –
Dave and Buster’s was founded by David O. Corriveau and James W. “Buster” Corley. David and James ran two establishments side by side at Missouri Pacific Train Station. Both the businesses were doing good. James ran a restaurant while Dave ran ‘Slick Willy’s World of Entertainment’. They became friends and decided to put their establishments under one roof. That’s when Dave and Buster’s was founded. The first Dave and Buster’s was opened in Dallas, Texas in December of 1982.

Job opportunities at Dave and Buster’s –
There are several hourly positions available at Dave and Buster’s. Some of them are as follows:

Technician – As a technician, your responsibility is to assist guests by repairing and maintaining amusements equipments in a timely manner. You will be loading and refilling tickets in redemption games and securing all storage areas. You will be required to stock, display and secure merchandise in all storage areas. You will be performing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly game maintenance as directed by the management. You will also be assisting Team members when needed. Candidates with technical or electrical skills are preferred though not required for this position. Other than that, the emphasis is on communication skills.

Front Desk/Host – As a Front Desk employee/Host, you will be acting as the ambassador to the building, greeting the guests with a positive attitude and enthusiasm, and bidding them farewell as they leave. You will make timely and accurate calculations of bill transactions. You will be coordinating game rentals, merchandise sales, and telephones. You will be conducting merchandise inventory during and after shift. You will also be driving table turn timing by scouting open tables, bussing as well as cleaning tables as necessary. You will manage the flow from the front door, helping guests with anything they need and directing them as needed. You might also be selling merchandise from Front Desk if applicable. For this job, restaurant, retail or cashier experience is preferred but not required. Good math and verbal skills are a must for this position.

Line Cook – As a line cook, your responsibility is to prepare and sell food items according to the guest expectations and meet food quality indicators. You will be required to sell food within recommended timeframe to meet guest expectations. You will cook food by recipe and to specifications and control costs by following prep sheets designed to ensure the freshest product is served and eliminate waste. You will also be cleaning and maintaining the kitchen mats, floors, walls and drains, emptying kitchen trash as well as cleaning and maintaining trash cans. For this position as well, previous experience in a hotel or restaurant is preferred but not required.
You can also work as Bartender, where you will serve wine to guests and prepare cocktails as per the guests’ needs. Almost all jobs require you to be available to work nights as well as weekends when needed.

A Dave and Buster's video arcade in Columbus, Ohio
A Dave and Buster’s video arcade in Columbus, Ohio

How to apply for a job at Dave and Buster’s?
Let’s see the online employment process for Dave and Buster’s. Let’s  head over to their website at www.daveandbusters.com. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Careers’ link. Once the careers page of the website is opened, scroll to the center of the page and click on ‘Hourly Opportunities’. That will take you the job search page for hourly positions. Choose your location and category. You can select the state and city that you wish to work at, from the list of available choices. Once you have selected the appropriate choices, click on the ‘Search’ button. This will display a list of jobs with columns for job ID, job title, the location of the position and the posted date. Click on a job title that you wish to apply for. This will take you to the page describing the job and requirements. Now, to apply for this position, you can click on the link provided right under the job details (like ID, posted date, category) and above the job description (where it says, “Apply for this job online”). You will be asked to login. You can choose to login via Facebook, google+ or linkedin account or you can click on ‘Fill out an online form’ to build your profile on the website.

Below is some more information that will help you know about salary ranges and interview questions:

  • The average salary for a Host is $8.76/hr with the highest reported salary being $10/hr and the lowest being $8/hr.
  • The average salary for a Front Desk employee is $10.25/hr with the highest reported salary being $13/hr and the lowest being $8/hr.
  • The average salary for a Cook is between $12/hr to $14/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “What is the best way to make a guest feel welcomed? “
  • Sample interview question – “Pretend I am a potential client and sell something to me.“
  • Sample interview question – “Did you do any research on this company? Why do you want to work here?“
  • Sample interview question – “How would you handle obvious racial or gender discrimination from a guest towards employees?“

So that’s all the information on employment at Dave and Buster’s. The employee benefits include dental, vision, medical, 401(k) and much more. There have been complaints pertaining to the management treating the employees poorly in some cases. The employee satisfaction is largely neutral and just 53% approve of the C.E.O Steve King.

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