Buffalo Wild Wings Employment Application

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If a career in food and beverage services is what you are aiming for, then, a Buffalo Wild Wings employment application is something you should consider.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is a casual dining restaurant and bar famous for its buffalo wings. It was founded in 1981 by two people who were finding great tasting Buffalo wings in Kent, Ohio. Because the two, James Disbrow and Scott Lowery weren’t able to find one, they decided to put up their own place that serves authentic buffalo wings. It was named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck originally, and it is fondly called BW3. Even after the name change, patrons still call the place BW3 or B-Dubs.

The restaurant headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is one of the fastest growing chains in the country, not only because of the menu, but also because of their unique customer service. Each location makes sure that the customers are comfortable as they equip the stores with big screen TVs where people could watch the latest sports. Games in each table are also a common sight too.

Regarding the financial status and reputation of the company, Buffalo Wild Wings is experiencing expansion in Canada as of 2010. In the same year, they recorded an asset of $495 million. Other than that, they are a publicly listed company with the name BWLD, which proves of its stability and viability.

Since it started in the 50s, they were cited numerous times for their excellent service and for their award-winning Buffalo wings. One of the most notable accolades they received is from Forbes in year 2008 and 2009, 100 Fastest Growing Companies and America’s 200 Best Small Companies.

Jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings

BW3 has lots of jobs and career opportunities that anyone, from entry-level worker, to managers can take advantage of. The most common jobs in the company though are the ones found in stores like dishwashers, cashiers, line cooks, servers, hosts and prep cooks. Anyone from 18 years old and above can apply for these positions, per the company’s website. Salaried posts are for managers and corporate employees. On the corporate level, they have jobs in IT, accounting, marketing, distribution and human resources. Entry-level workers get a per hour rate of $5-$8. Meanwhile managers can get up to $65,000 depending on location.

Why Work for Buffalo Wild Wings?

The company prides itself in being an employer that gives utmost importance to its employees. Because they look at their employees as their greatest resource, they give out great benefits to them. Some of the things you can get are stock purchase plan, health coverage, dental and vision insurance, prescription coverage, paid leave, employee credit union, flexible schedules, 401k plan, great training programs, discounted dining and even free meals. They also have a unique training program called “This Way to Blazin’ Hot Success” which gives training to anyone who wants to climb up the career ladder in the company. It is also recommended for those who do not have prior experience in the restaurant industry, but wants to pursue a Buffalo Wild Wings employment application.

On the downside, some people who worked at the company said that there is favoritism in the stores. This common complaint, although really put the restaurant in a bad light, still can be taken for granted though, as most companies also have the same issues, it is just a matter of how you will handle things to your advantage or how you will deal with people in higher positions. Over-all, according to reviews, Buffalo Wild Wings is an excellent company to work for.

How to Ace a Buffalo Wild Wings Employment Application

To start your application, you have two choices, you can go to the store where you want to work and inquire if they have openings, or go online in their careers page at: http://www.buffalowildwings.com/jobs.php. You can also apply online by signing up for an account. Remember, even though you are just filling out blanks and checking boxes, you are filling out a valid application form, so be careful in giving out your answer. Be truthful and accurate in the information you are giving out and ensure that you will make it look impressive as this is the first thing that the hiring managers will see. An online application may take 20 minutes to fill-out. After doing so, review your answers and see to it that there are no grammatical and spelling errors.

Days before your schedules interview, prepare all the things that you might need. Review common questions being asked by interviewers like how would you be able to help out in the company, what are your job experiences and your skills that can help you in your work and anything related to your job.

During the interview, a review said, it is very relaxed and the hiring managers are very friendly. However, it will still be best if you remain professional and that you wear the appropriate attire when applying for a job. In answering interview questions, remain calm and honest. Hiring managers usually can see if you are telling the truth or not so don’t attempt to lie. Highlight your experiences and skills when you speak and convince the interviewer that you are really fit for the job that you are applying for.


A job in this company is a worthwhile experience. When you want to succeed in the restaurant industry, it is a wonderful thing to start working for BW3. Just ace your Buffalo Wild Wings employment application and start a great career in one of the best companies in North America.

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