Wells Fargo Employment

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If you’re good with numbers, you favor an office job, and you think a career in banking might suit you, then perhaps Wells Fargo employment is for you. Or maybe you just like that snappy stage coach symbol.

Company History
As their logo implies, Wells Fargo was originally a stage coach company before they became a bank. Formed in 1852, during the early years of the California Gold Rush, the company was created in order to prevent the Adams Express, (another state coach company), from achieving a monopoly on such services in the West. If this early emphasis on the importance of stage coach services seems odd, remember that the first railroad link between the East and West coasts of the USA was not completed until 1869, and the southern route wasn’t finished until 1881.

Wells Fargo in its present form resulted from the merger in 1998 of the Norwest Corporation and the original Wells Fargo. Taking advantage of the economic turmoil in early October of 2008, Wells Fargo bought the Wachovia Bank. Later that same month, Wells Fargo was forced to ask the federal government for a bailout package of $25 billion.

By assets, Wells Fargo is the 4th largest bank in the USA. If measured by deposits, mortgage servicing, or debit card services, Wells Fargo is the 2nd largest. As of 2012, Wells Fargo has something over seventy million customers, and about 9000 retail branches.

An older Wells Fargo branch in the classic Spanish Colonial style. Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Wells Fargo Jobs
The company offers to channel applicants into one of eight different career areas.

Teller – This is the classic entry-level bank job. You sit behind a booth and interact with the customers. Very fast-paced.

Personal Banker – One-on-one Financial Planning assistance to customers is what this is all about. You need some educational background in finance.

Phone Banker – Just what it sounds like. You help the bank’s customers on the phone, whether it be with account problems or adding new services or any other need.

Information Security Analyst – If you have the educational background, this career path offers a job working with network and data security issues. There does exist a technician position at the starting end of this career path, but openings appear to be limited.

Home Mortgage Consultant – Assist customers with their mortgage needs, as part of their overall financial planning strategy.

Web Developer – Developing and implementing applications for both internet and intranet solutions.

Program or Project Manager – to quote from the website, “As a Program or Project Manager you will work in a challenging, fast-paced environment. You will get to use your leadership, time management, planning, and communication talent to manage multiple projects.”

Applications/Systems Engineer – For the hardcore computer geek! This is about designing and developing applications to facilitate workflow and automate processes.

Wells Fargo has a mid-range employee satisfaction rating in anonymous feedback from current and former employees; it’s a little above average, but not much. Similarly, a solid but unexciting 71% of former and current employees say they “approve of” CEO John Stumpf.

Wells Fargo has a solidly respectable commitment to diversity. In 2010, they were named by Human Rights Campaign as one of the “Best Places To Work For LGBT Equality”.

Wells Fargo HQ, courtesy of Wikimedia

Getting that Job at Wells Fargo
The careers page is at www.wellsfargo.com/careers . You’ll notice as soon as you arrive at that page, they ask you if you’re seeking US jobs or overseas jobs. Click on the US Jobs button. A separate window will pop up. I suggest you make that full screen so you can see everything. The easiest way to proceed is to look down to the list of states, and click on your state. Now a list of major areas within that state will appear in the Region column, just to the right of the States column. Click on the region closest to you, and a list of cities will appear in the third column. Click on the city of your choice, or hold down the Control key and click on multiple cities to select them all. Now just hit the little blue Search button and you’ll be shown open jobs in your area.

Overall, this is one of the better job search pages. If you want to create an account and log in, you can even create a job agent that will email you when open jobs of certain types are posted in future.

And now here are some useful tips on getting that job at Wells Fargo –

  • Average starting wage for a Teller is $10.82 per hour. Reports range from a low of $8.00 per hour to a high of $14.00 per hour.
  • Some applicants report an interval as long as two weeks between applying and being contacted.
  • Wells Fargo seems to use a combination of phone interviews and in-person interviews in no predictable pattern. The number of interviews seems to vary widely by job category.
  • All applicants should expect to undergo a background check.
  • Most reported interview questions are very job-specific, relating to job skills expected for that position.
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time you had to bend the truth”.
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time you exceeded customer expectations during a sale”.
  • Sample interview question – “It is the last day of the month and you have not met your sales goals. What would you do in the remaining time to meet your sales goals?”
  • Sample interview question – “What is your biggest weakness?”.
  • Sample interview question – “If you were a car, what would you be?”.

And there you have it, a basic primer on how to get a job at Wells Fargo. If you like the idea of a banking career, you can go many different directions with Wells Fargo, as they do promote from within to a great extent.

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