Morgan Stanley Employment Application

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Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest diversified financial services corporation founded in 1935. The company’s headquarters is located in Morgan Stanley Building, Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It operates in 42 countries and has more than 1300 offices and 60,000 employees. Morgan Stanley formed by J.P. Morgan & Co. which partners Henry S. Morgan, Harold Stanley and others.

Morgan Stanley is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment by striving to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. The company aims to be trusted partner for corporate, investor and government clients, and they help in expanding economic opportunities to disadvantaged communities. As part of their commitment to the community development, they focused on creating and preserving affordable housing and promote economic development for individuals and neighborhoods in need.


Morgan Stanley formed by J.P. Morgan & Co. partners Henry Morgan, grandson of J.P. Morgan, Harold Stanley and others leave J.P. Morgan & Co. to form the corporation, Morgan Stanley. They did this after the Glass-Steagall Act, which required the splitting of commercial and investment banking businesses. Their firm formally opens for business on September 16, 1935. In 1941, the firm reorganizes as partnership to allow for expanding activity in the security business. The company joins the New York Stock Exchange in 1942. It was led by Perry Hall, as the last founder to lead Morgan Stanley from 1951-1961. In 1961, the company offers $150 million of 22 year agreement for General Motors Acceptance Corporation, which is the year’s largest financing. The same year the Morgan Stanley Foundation launched. By 1962, Morgan Stanley launches first computer model for financial analysis. In 1967, Morgan & Cie, International in Paris was established in an attempt to enter the European securities market but moves to London in 1977. In 1970, Morgan Stanley was the first International investment bank to establish a representative office in Tokyo. In 1972, the company established a sales and trading division, first investment bank with a dedicated M&A group. In 1977, the company launches Morgan Stanley Realty as well as Private Wealth Management. Morgan Stanley led the Apple Computer IPO in 1980 and in 1984 they launched TAPS, the first automated trade processing system. The company goes public in 1986 and purchased a stake in Capital International’s indices to form Morgan Stanley Capital International. By 1993, the company purchases new headquarters on Broadway, New York. Morgan Stanley enters the Euro commercial paper market in the year 2000. Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital opens in 2003. In 2005, John J. Mack was appointed Chairman and CEO of the company. In 2006, Morgan Stanley opens an office in Dubai as their first office in the Middle East and North Africa region. In 2010, James Gorman becomes CEO and President of Morgan Stanley while John Mack remains as the Chairman.

Job Opportunities at Morgan Stanley

Financial Accounting Manager
You will be responsible for overseeing the accounting, financial and regulatory reports for the firm. You will prepare external financial reports for public filings and regulators, plans and forecast the organization’s financial position.

Senior Audit Manager
You are responsible for validating whether the firm operates in a controlled environment with appropriate risk-management processes. You will evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the firm using a risk-based methodology developed from professional auditing standards.

Marketing Associate
You will conduct random sampling of sales ideas sent from capital markets on a daily basis, keep records and follow up if needed. You will assist in drafting, obtaining approval for and maintain records for the following sales idea procedures.

Employment at Morgan Stanley
morgan stanley

Morgan Stanley offers job opportunities for every unique talent of the individuals. They have career options for students & graduates where they provide Internship Programs, Analyst Programs and Associate Programs for the selected candidates. You can check their website for the complete details of their application procedure. They also have job opportunities for experienced professionals and financial advisor position.

Reviews from the previous and current employees from different positions have conducted and they said that the company is very strong in the area of wealth management. The team structure is great and people are very civil, work life balance is great, the schedule is very flexible and the company provides an excellent graduate program where you spend 4 months in New York City to learn more about the technology with pretty much all expenses paid. Good business ethics and have a very positive atmosphere and everyone in management is very willing to help with career advancement. 76% from the survey said that they will recommend the company to a friend and 83% of the reviews were approved by the CEO Mr. James P. Gorman.

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