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Many people fascinate towards working for banks. You get to learn new skills and a fast-paced environment. You meet new and different kind of people and there’s an opportunity for building a great career and it’s great on your resume too. Then you might want to consider working at Bank One a corporation acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co.



 Company Perspectives:


“We will deliver exceptional results through exceptional people. We are a highly respected, world-class financial services company committed to being the best in all we do: superior performance, quality service, a great place to work.”


Company Overview

Bank One Corporation was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. as of July 1, 2004. It was the 6th largest bank in the United States. It traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the stock symbol ONE. Former CEO John B. McCoy, whose father and grandfather had headed Banc One and predecessors, was taken over by a new CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon, formerly a president with Citigroup Incorporated. Bank One, is a multibank holding company that provides domestic retail banking, finance and credit card services. It operates approximately 1,795 banking centers in 14 states; Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana. Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Its Commercial Banking segment offers a wide variety of products, including global cash management, commercial cards, lending, and other non-credit products and services to corporate banking and middle market banking customers.


Jobs Offered by Bank One

Jobs in banking can be exciting and offer excellent opportunities to learn about the business and interact with people to build up a client. You’ll find an enormous range of opportunities in commercial banking. To start out for a position at the branch level, you might start as a teller to a wide variety of other services in leasing department, credit card banking, international finance and trade credit.

Some positions are ranging from customer service positions (bank teller) to mid management positions (auditor, data processing officer) to executive level positions (loan officer, branch manager). Anyone can work from a high school diploma to get hired as a bank teller. And with a Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Accounting, Finance, Statistics or Economics for a higher position in the company. As long as you enjoy working with people, a position in a bank is just one step away.

Bank One offers an array of outstanding benefits to its employees such as medical, dental, retirement, stock-purchase, tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, wellness programs and flexible work options.

And as the Chairman and CEO Mr. James Dimon stressed, they will continue to invest in work-life initiatives. And that they will provide high-quality benefits to their people so they can continue to recruit and recognize exceptional employees in today’s competitive workplace.


Tips in Applying in Bank One


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After discussing the jobs offered by this company, you can now assess the skills and talents that you have in the banking industry. To be good in banking you will need a broad understanding of this business. Some important skills that required for almost all the positions are as follows:

People Skills– People skills are very important because you will be helping people get the loans and investments that they want and applicable to your client.

Accounting and Writing Skills– These jobs need a strong understanding of accounting. Banking often requires that you document loans and justify credit analysis that is why written communication skills are extremely important.

Marketing/Creative Skills – Banks are trying to build valuable brand images with consumer-oriented advertising and distinct product lines. So one must be a sales person as well and have a customer-oriented skill.


Before applying to work for a bank, there are some factors to consider as well. Being prepared to ensure that you choose the right job for you and also increasing the chances of getting hired. Here are some few steps to consider:

  • To work at a bank, you need to have a good credit history. Being dishonest will decrease your chances of getting hired. You must also pass a criminal background check because of the nature of the industry.


  • Figure out which type of banks you want to work for. From a small local bank, largest national banks and credit unions.


  • Visit banks that are hiring or you may visit the “Careers” section of each bank’s website.


  • Create a cover letter and resume stating your qualifications and any previous experience you have working in the banking or financial industries.


  • Include all the skills and experiences on your resume that are relevant to the job position. Some of these are data entry, accounting, customer service, cash handling, good communication skills, sales, analytical mind set, problem solving and critical thinking. And submit your application, cover letter and resume to the bank you are interested to work for.

Do a research about the bank company you want to work with. Getting important information like the company profile and job details about the position you are applying for. During the interview, make sure you dress professionally.  It is recommended to have a suit for men with a tie, and ladies – a nice dress or suit also. Make sure you explain how customer service and making the customer happy is your number one goal for those applying in an entry level position. And for a higher position, make sure you ace the interview by sighting all the working experiences you had that you think will contribute for the job position.


Working in a bank industry takes a special person to have the job. If you like numbers and working with the public then you might enjoy building your career in this industry. Having been acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank One can assure of your job security with the company in the future. So if you think you are one of the special people they need be prepared and take notes all the important details listed in here.



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