SeaWorld Employment Application

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The Seaworld Logo
The Seaworld logo

SeaWorld is a chain of animal theme parks in the United States. In this guide, we will take a look at job opportunities at SeaWorld parks.

Company History –
Milton C. Shedd, Ken Norris, David Demott and George Millay were four UCLA graduates who had set out to build an underwater restaurant and a marine life show. However, the underwater restaurant idea was considered unfeasible and they decided to build a theme park instead. That resulted in the opening of SeaWorld San Diego in the year 1964. That was the first location. There were only a few dolphins and other animals at the park back then. Today, SeaWorld operates in the following places:
Orlando, Florida
San Diego, California
San Antonio, Texas

Jobs at SeaWorld –
Following are the hourly jobs you can apply for at SeaWorld:

Gardener: As a gardener, you duty is to perform maintenance tasks of the ground such as watering, planting, weeding and container maintenance. You will operate park vehicles and maintain cleanliness and quality of the work area. You will also maintain accurate records of all the activities performed during the shifts. You will work in any kind of weather condition except lightning. For this position, you must be at least 18 years old and must have a valid driver’s license and be able to obtain a SEA driver’s license. You must be able to lift, push and pull a minimum weight of 75 lbs. You will be standing and walking for long hours during even extreme weather conditions.

Ride Operator: As a ride operator, your duty is to ensure the safe operation of water rides, roller coasters and kiddie rides. You will enforce safety rules and respond to guest emergencies as well. You will climb high cliffs to reach safety positions. For this position, you must be able to climb high lifts for that reason. You must be able to pass written as well as practical exam on ride operation. You will have to attend and pass a basic water rescue class in case you are selected for a water ride. You must be willing to work on weekends as well as holidays.

Beverage Host/Hostess: As a beverage host/hostess, your job is to serve beer and wine to the park guests. You will also take food orders from the guests. You will provide them the menu and park information. You will be operating food and beverage machines, preparing salads, desserts and fruit items. You will also set up food displays and restock whenever necessary. Additionally, you will carry trays, clean machines, tables, chairs, floors, trays and other items in the facility, and remove litter surrounding the facility. For this position, you must be at least 21 years old and you must be able to lift up to 50 lbs of weight and work standing for prolonged periods of time.

Cash control clerk: As a cash control clerk, your responsibility is to receive, issue and conduct inventory on money bags. You will process and reconcile money bags from the revenue transactions. You will prepare, pull, and deliver money bags for the next day of operations. For this position, you must have a minimum of 6 months of cash handling experience in a bank or retail outlet. You must have 10-key experience in addition to basic computer skills (proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel). You must be able to work weekends, evenings as well as holidays. You will have to pass required tests and certifications within established timelines to be considered for this position.

Instructor: As an instructor, your job is to present animal information to park guests at Dolphin Cove and Sea Lion community pools with the help of a handheld microphone. You will ensure guest and animal safety throughout the park and assist with instructional field Experiences and other Education and Conservation Programs. For this position, you must have prior experience working with children. You must be comfortable speaking on a microphone and must possess strong customer service skills. Again, you will be required to perform your job standing or walking for long hours in extreme weather conditions.

An image from the SeaWorld park at Orlando
An image from the SeaWorld park at Orlando

Benefits offered by SeaWorld –
SeaWorld offers benefits such as Medical, 401k plan, Tuition Reimbursement, Free admission to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Parks, Family Passes, Complimentary tickets and Team Member Discounts to the part-time employees. Seasonal Employees get Team Member Discounts, Complimentary tickets, Family Passes, Free admission to SeaWorld parks and Entertainment Parks and 401k plans. Full-time Employees, in addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, get Dental & Vision coverage, Life Insurance (both basic and supplemental), Vacation, Sick Time, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Travel Accident Benefits, Short and Long Term Disability, Employee Assistance Program, Long Term Care and Legal benefits.

Applying online for a job at SeaWorld –
For online application for a SeaWorld job, go to this link:
There, you will see locations of the parks. Click on the desired location. That should show you all the current openings at that location. Click on a job title to view description and requirements. Scroll at the bottom of the page and check the box that says that you have read and understand the duties and responsibilities. Right below it, you will find the ‘Apply Now’ button. That should begin the application process.

Below are some additional pointers pertaining to SeaWorld employment that you might want to know:

  • The pay rate for a gardner begins at $9.09/hr.
  • The pay rate for ride operator begins at $8.46/hr.
  • The pay rate for a host/Hostess begins at $9.95/hr.
  • The pay rate for a cash control clerk begins at $9.78/hr.
  • The pay rate for an instructor begins at $8.00/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me about a time when you interacted with children and what did you do?”
  • Sample interview question – “Describe a time in life when the odds were against you, and by using only your wits and personality, you overcame them and reached a positive and constructive solution.”
  • Sample interview question – “Name a complaint that people have against you.”
  • Sample interview question – “Name a time when you were in a stressful situation, and how you handled it.”

That’s all about SeaWorld careers. Most employees are very satisfied with their jobs at SeaWorld and 90% approve of the C.E.O Jim Atchison. Whether it is a seasonal, part-time or a full-time position you want, SeaWorld is a good place to work at.

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