Live Nation Employment Application

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The logo of Live Nation
The logo of Live Nation

Live Nation Entertainment is an American entertainment company. What are the employment opportunities at Live Nation? Let’s find out.

Company History –
Live Nation Entertainment was officially founded in the year 1997. It was the result of the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster.  Ticketmaster had already been in the business, being the largest provider of ticket services. Live Nation was only the promoter of events. This merger was criticized at the time. However, the US Justice Department approved of the merger in the year 2010. Today, Live Nation employs more than 19,000 employees, both part-time and full-time included.

Jobs available at Live Nation –
Let’s take a look at employment opportunities at Live Nation. Oftentimes, most number of positions are available at Hollywood, California. But we’ll get to the locations later. Let’s look at the employment areas and jobs:

Now, there are  a lot of job areas including but not limited to: Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Clerical, Creative/Design, Customer Support/Client Care, Editorial/Writing and many more. We’ll cover some of these areas in this guide. Note that there are several divisions under Live Nation so we’ll be taking a look at entry-level positions of some of the divisions.

Host/Hostess (HOBE division; Area: Food/Beverage): As a Host/Hostess, your responsibilities are to greet all the guests that are coming to the building, control the flow of guests who are entering the restaurant and those who are waiting outside, take care of the needs of guests and solve their problems, estimate and quote accurate wait times for tables, lead the guests to tables, give the menu to the guests, answer questions regarding the menu, the music house as well as the artists at the House. You will be communicating with the door host as well, to control the flow of guests in the restaurant. You will also be required to polish and clean all entry door windows throughout the shift. For this position, you must have a valid California Food Handler Certification or must be capable of getting one.

Security/Door Host (Division: HOBE; Area: Food/Beverage): As a door host, your responsibility is to mainly ensure guest safety and prevent guest altercations. You will be required to lead guests and employees in case of an emergency evacuation, Check ID of any guest who appears to be under 30 years of age and drinking alcoholic beverages inside the venue, enforce House policy regarding photos/videos/recording devices, safeguard against theft and property damage.  You will be communication using radio, hand signals and flashlights. You will set up the area before opening. For this position, you need to be able to work late hours and also need a valid California Guard Card. You might be required to lift up to 25 lbs using proper lifting techniques. Experience in handling cash, recognizing valid IDs and self defense training is preferred for this position.

Staff Accountant (Division: North America Concerts; Area: Accounting/Finance): As a staff accountant, your job is to prepare and record journal entries and monthly management reports. You will assist in analyzing and reconciling Balance Sheet as well as Income Statement Accounts, bank accounts and credit cards, SOX package preparation. You will also be performing Travel and Entertainment analysis and reporting. For this position, a degree in accounting along with 2-4 years old related experience is required.

Receptionist (Division: Live Nation Merchandise; Area: Administrative/Clerical): As a receptionist, your job is to answer phone calls professionally, greet visitors and guests cordially, receive/sort and maintain logs of incoming packages and notify employees of received packages, provide customer service support as required, manage conference room schedule, maintain the conference rooms (like turning off lights and equipments at the end of the day), coordinate lunch orders and meetings and manage the file archival process for all departments. You will also track missing paperwork and shipment to deliver, print and enter in Filemaker Pro, the returned shipping documents from vendors, enter all Fulfillment Plus, Fanfire & Music Today transfers and assist with domestic as well as international Tour Department shipping (including Deluxe). For this position, you must have at least a year of experience as a receptionist and have administrative support background. You must be familiar with software programs such as Word, Excel, ACT/Filemaker Pro, Photoshop and Lotus Notes, MacOS, and internet browsers. A High School Diploma or equivalent is required for this position.

Those are some of the jobs from different job areas. You can see all the jobs and areas in the online application section.

Benefits offered by Live Nation –
Live Nation offers private medical benefits, Dental and Vision coverage, Holidays, Life Assurance, Eye Tests coverage, Employee Assistance Program, and Income Protection.

Applying online for a job at Live Nation –
To apply online for Live Nation jobs, click here:
The above link takes you to the job search page where you can specify the location, keyword as well as job category to perform the job search. Once you have made the selections, click on the ‘Search Jobs’ button at the bottom. This will display the search results listing all the available jobs. To apply for a particular job, click on the job title. This will open a page listing detailed job requirements and description. To apply, scroll to the bottom and click on the button titled ‘Submit your resume to this job’.

Below are additional pointers to help you get a better idea of the job:

  • The average annual salary of a Staff Accountant is $42,333.
  • The average annual salary for a receptionist is between $26,000 to $30,000.
  • Sample interview question – “How can you help the company?”
  • Sample interview question – “What is your favorite type of music?”
  • Sample interview question – “Walk me through your job. How do you audit cash, expenses?”
  • Sample interview question – “Describe a situation where you provided excellent customer service.”
  • Sample interview question – “What do you know about Live Nation?”

That’s it about employment opportunities at Live Nation. As far as employee satisfaction goes, most of the employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and just 39% approve of the C.E.O Mike Rapino.

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