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Good Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Funding your college tuition can be a difficult task. Although you can ask for financial aid, you will most likely end up swimming in debt by the time you earn your diploma. Be able to finance your higher education – even while studying – with these good paying part-time jobs for college students.


If you have a knack for the written language, then make good use of it by working as a part-time writer or editor. Depending on your abilities (and the project at hand,) you can make as much as $30 to $40 per hour. A good thing about this part-time job is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can write/edit articles at the comfort of your own home, dormitory, perhaps even your favorite coffee shop.


Are you keen in another language? Then make the most out of your bi (or multi-) lingualism by working as a translator. As the name suggests, this work entails the translation of a foreign language to English (or another dialect) and vice-versa. The average rate is $19.80 per hour, although you can make as much as $40 per hour depending on your skills. Like a writing/editing job, a translating job gives you the freedom to work at home – or whatever place you like.

Music Teacher

Do you excel in playing a certain musical instrument? Put your musical abilities into good use by working as a part-time music teacher. Get the opportunity to hone the skills of young (and adult) students at a rate of $24 per hour. As you get more acclaim (and customers too,) you can hike up your hourly rate to as much as $50.

Fitness Instructor

Are you a fitness buff? Well then, put your muscles into good use by working as a part-time fitness instructor. For this job, all you need to do is assist a client achieve his personal health goals. A good thing about this employment opportunity is that you can work out alongside your customer. With this health-building career you can earn an average of $18.40 per hour.

Teaching Assistant

Earn well – right at the campus – by working as a teaching assistant. For this part-time job, your usual tasks will include proctoring exams or handing out test papers. The hourly rate usually starts at about $8 an hour, although it could reach as much as $17 per hour. Generally, the average rate for this lucrative part-time job is $11.34.

Academic Tutor

If you like teaching – but can’t get a teaching assistant job – you will definitely thrive as a tutor. This is especially the case if you specialize in a difficult field of study, such as Math or Science. As a tutor, you can earn as much as $10 to $15 an hour.

What’s great about this part-time job is that it is bi-directional: you get to learn while your pupil learns with you! Now isn’t that a great way to study and earn all at the same time?

Dog Walker

If you love canines, then you will enjoy working as a part-time dog walker on your free days. For a group walk of 3-5 dogs at one time, you can charge about $16 an hour. But if a rich client asks you to walk his dog in a private session, you can earn about $20 to $25 an hour.


If you lack a specific talent that makes you suitable for any of the aforementioned part-time jobs, then try being a waiter/waitress. The median rate might be low at $8.94 an hour, but you can earn several hundreds of dollars in tips every day. This is the reason why a lot of college students go to this profession to finance their university studies.

Jobs that Pay Over $10 an Hour

Most people believe that blue-collared jobs come with a minimum hourly wage. But unbeknownst to many, there are hourly jobs that go over the $10 mark. Have your fair share of profitable pay – even if you haven’t finished college – with these blue-collared jobs that pay over $10 an hour.

Secretary or Administrative Assistant

Every industry has a secretary – or what others call as an administrative assistant. These individuals are in charge of performing clerical and organizational tasks for the company. The average pay for this job is $18.16 per hour, which makes it one of the best jobs that pay over $10 an hour. In fact, those in the top bracket (executive secretaries/administrative assistants) can earn as much as $24.14 an hour.

Delivery Services Truck Driver

These workers are responsible for picking up, transporting, and delivering goods in a certain area. There are many types of truck driving jobs available, with the more complicated ones requiring certification, apart from the usual driver’s license. You can earn about $17.63 per hour, making it one of the best jobs that pay over $10 an hour.

Construction Worker

A construction worker is one of the toughest jobs that pay over $10 an hour. Here, the laborer has to perform a number of activities, including unloading materials, preparing construction sites, and operating heavy machineries.

To get such a job, the applicant usually needs to undergo on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs. The hourly pay is about $16.58 per hour, although it can increase depending on the worker’s certifications or specializations.

Financial Clerk

Like the secretary, a financial clerk is bound to perform clerical and administrative duties for financial organizations, such as banks and insurance companies. A high school diploma is the basic requirement for such jobs that pay over $10 an hour. Some positions, however, necessitate a degree in Business or Economics. As a financial clerk, you can earn as much as $16.55 hourly.

Customer Service Representative

Abbreviated as CSR, a Customer Service Representative primarily deals with the clients of a certain company. A rep needs to perform a variety of tasks, including customer inquiries and complaints. These workers usually interact with the customers online or via telephone.

This job, which comes with an average hourly wage of $15.92 per hour, necessitates a flexible working schedule as there are rotating shifts, as well as weekend and holiday workdays.

Bus Driver

Transportation jobs that pay over $10 an hour are common in this list. Another stellar example is the bus driver, who is responsible for driving people to work, school, and other locations. Routes may vary from fixed (school/work bus drivers) to chartered trips.

The average hourly wage is $15.13 an hour, although transit bus drivers can earn as much as $18.50 hourly. At the lower end of the wage spectrum is the school bus driver, who earns an average of $14.01 per hour.


Assemblers and fabricators work by making a variety of products, which can range from small toys to humongous airplanes. Often found in manufacturing plants, assemblers are also responsible for checking the quality of the finished product.

High school education is a basic requirement for these jobs that pay over $10 an hour. However, if you want to earn more than the average hourly wage of $14.89 per hour, you will need to undergo certifications and technical skills training.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is one of the in-demand jobs that pay over $10 an hour. The job responsibilities of a medical assistant include a variety of clerical and clinical duties, usually in medical/healthcare offices. High school education, as well as on-the-job training, is required for those who wish pursue this career that comes with a hourly wage of $14.89.

The 5 Best Jobs for a 16 Year Old

Congratulations! Maybe you have just gotten your driver’s permit – and you are more than ready to face the world and earn some money. But since you are just 16 years old, you lack of work experience. Unfortunately, this can put you at odds when it comes to finding a good job opportunity.

Although this is the case, you need not lose hope! You can still earn a great deal of money for a new car – or your college fund – despite your tender age. Just make sure to apply for any of these five best jobs for a 16 year old like you:


1. Tutor

As a tutor, it is your role to impart your knowledge and specialization in Biochemistry or Spanish (or any other subject) to those in need. Known as one of the best jobs for 16 year olds, tutoring jobs almost always come with a hefty pay.

Start small by tutoring your neighbors or your friends’ younger siblings. If there are not a lot of kids to teach in your area, you can always use a referral service or file an application in a University Student Center. If you love teaching kids, a good alternative is to apply as a teaching assistant. In fact, you can use this to your advantage should you decide to pursue a career in education.

2. Waiter/Waitress

A career in waiting is a good way to learn the basics of customer service while earning a fixed hourly salary (and tips too). While the chaos of taking orders and serving can be tiring especially during Friday nights and weekends, the effort is all worth it because you can certainly end up with a wad of bills in your pocket. If you are not up for the fast serving life, you can still make money out of waiting by working in a quaint cafe or breakfast shack.

3. Caregiver

Contrary to popular beliefs, caregiving is not necessarily about the dirty work – such as bathing aged individuals or cleaning their bathrooms. For a 16 year old like you, non-medical caregiving is simply about helping the clients with some household chores, and keeping them company when their children and grandchildren are at work.

Because of the dire importance of caregiving, it is important that you don’t miss a shift – or else your client will be left alone and helpless in his home. You need to be willing to work holidays and odd hours as well. While this can take a huge chunk off your social life and studying life, the pay for such shifts are usually double in amount.

Apart from the hourly salary, one of the best things about caregiving is being able to put a smile in your client’s face. Who knows? He might be kind enough to give you an inheritance when he passes away.

4. Lifeguard

Are you an excellent swimmer? As a lifeguard, you can exercise your love for the water while saving lives. Most resorts and beaches hire 16 year olds who can swim as lifeguards. If you want to improve your chances of landing such a job, it is a good idea to take a CPR course at the nearby community college.

5. Delivery Boy/Girl

Working as a delivery boy or girl is the then the best way to improve your skills and familiarize yourself with the roads and backstreets, especially if you just got your license. Most of the time, you get to use the company delivery car – but you get the chance to use your own car as well. While this can be a fun way to exercise your driving independence, you need to be careful when it comes to delivering – as tactless maneuvering can lead to accidents and injuries.

Even at 16 years old, you can cop a job that will give you a rewarding pay. Just make sure to look for the aforementioned vacancies – so you can make the most out of your youthful vigor.

How to Apply for your First Job

Fresh out of high school or college? Looking for your first-ever job can be daunting and terrifying, but you should know that you can get a great work opportunity even if you are a newbie in the employment world. Just follow these tips on how to apply for your first job and you can be part of the workforce for the first time in your life:

Be on the Lookout.

Before you can get a job, you first need to know where to find work. Make sure to check newspapers, job vacancy websites, recruitment agencies. You can also stroll around down and look at shop windows to see if there is an employment opportunity that fits your talents and skill set.

Cold-calling is another way to find potential job opportunities. When doing this, make sure to phone in during off-peak hours. If not, you will end up hanging up on the line as the boss tries to cater to his flock of patrons.

If you cannot find any vacancies in the aforementioned industries, you can always give your resumes to companies that tickle your fancy. Just make sure to show how talented and charming you are when you drop your resume! By doing so, you can be their first option once they have an opening.

Prepare the Papers.

Your resume or curriculum vitae is a piece of document that can make or break your chances of getting your first job. As such, you need to have a good and impressive one at hand. When making a resume, you should make sure that it contains all the pertinent information that an employer is looking for, including your personal details, skills and experiences relevant to the job opening.

Apart from your resume, you also need to prepare a cover letter that expresses your intention of applying for the job. It should also indicate why you think you are the best candidate for the opening – despite the fact that you lack work experience.

Follow up.

It does not hurt if you follow up with the company you have applied for days after you have sent in the resume. While the employer might say that there is no opening at the moment, telling him that you will be happy to take on a job in the future might just give you a boost once a vacancy becomes available.

Practice Interview Questions.

It pays to be prepared, especially if it is your first time to get a job. As you eagerly wait for an interview schedule, make it a point to practice questions that might be asked during the interview. Ask your family members or friends to help you out with an ‘interview role play.’ Ask for their opinions and comments so you can change what needs to be modified before the real job interview.

Suit up for the Interview.

This means literally! Once you get scheduled for an interview, you need to arrive there in snappy clothes. Ditch your comfy sweats for the meantime and dress professionally. Fix your hair well (avoid loud colors for the meantime), and make sure to wear the appropriate footwear. Remove any piercings that will cast a shadow of doubt on you.

Be on Time.

First impressions last – and if you want to make a good one, arrive at the interview on time – even a few minutes earlier! Being the early bird will give you a head start in case you get lost, or in case of traffic.

Be Truthful and Respectful.

Your interview is one of the most important deciding factors for the employer – so make it a point to be truthful and respectful during the process. Address the interviewer respectfully, and do not be afraid to tell the truth about your first-ever job hunt. Who knows? This truthfulness might get you ahead of the pack.

Getting your first ever job comes with obstacles, but if you are persistent – and if you follow these tips – you will surely land an employment opportunity that fits you well.

What are Good Jobs for a 13 Year Old?

As a 13 year old, you know how hard it is to get extra allowance from your mom and dad. But if you are determined to make additional money for your hobbies – or new gadgets – then a good way to do so is to get a part-time job.

Although you are young and under the legal age requirement, you will be glad to know that you can find many employment opportunities out in the open. As such, it is best if you pursue the following work options:


Perhaps the best and most basic job for a 13 year old,baby sitting gives you the chance to earn money simply by playing the part of a responsible ‘tweener.’ Unlike other options, you do not have to go outside – all you just need to do is stay at home and watch over the small kids.

To get a feel of the babysitting job, it is best if you work for your parents or relatives first. Once they prove that you are a good babysitter, you can rely on them to make your services known throughout the neighborhood.

A good thing about babysitting is that you get to increase your rate as you get ‘more famous.’ So make sure to work hard so you can get better compensation along the way.

Pet sitter/ walker

Do you love pets? Well then, you will enjoy a job as a pet sitter or walker. Just like babysitting, all you need to do as a pet sitter is to watch over pets while their masters are away. Pet walkers just need to take the mutts out in the neighborhood, so they can exercise their little paws. Not only is this a great way to get your body moving, it is also a good method to meet other pet enthusiasts.

Athletic Team Assistant

Most know this as the role of a “Waterboy,” but additional specifications have improved the job title to “Athletic Team Assistant.” If you are too thin or frail to join a sports team, you can always take part in their victory by corresponding to their needs as an Athletic Team Assistant. Not only will you get a handsome pay with this job, it also entitles you to a VIP seat to the hottest sports events in your region.

Home Cleaner

If you have a natural knack for keeping homes spotless, you should find a job as a home cleaner. Although it can be particularly tiring and exhausting, this job is a good way to make money during your free time.

When home cleaning, you need to be very careful, especially when going through expensive figurines and vases. If not, you will end up racking a debt that will take you years to pay back.

Farming Jobs

When you think of the word farmer, you might immediately think of laborious toiling under the sun. But as a 13 year old, you get to pick from less strenuous roles. Examples of good farming jobs include berry picking, tree trimming and detasseling, to name a few. With these jobs, you get to earn money – and take home fresh produce by the end of the day!

Grocery Bagger

Grocery bagging might be a repetitive task, but it is a great entry-level opportunity, especially if you want a part-time job that you can come back to year after year. As long as you show your determination and patience, you can be able to get a higher-paying job sooner or later.


Even at 13 years of age, there are job opportunities that can help you earn well. Just make sure to choose any of the aforementioned jobs in order to get a great and rewarding part-time work that fits your young age.

3 Things to Check Before your Job Interview

Your job interview can make or break you – as such, you need to be prepared before going in. But before the day itself, you need to make sure that everything falls into place. While you might think of yourself as highly-prepared, you still need to go over the basics. Here are the three things you need to check – at least before you go on with your job interview.

1. Your Documents.

While you might have submitted your resume before being called in, it is essential that you have your CV with you before you go to the job interview. You can assume that the interviewer has a copy – what if he does not? Being unable to produce a copy of your resume will dampen your chances of being hired.

Apart from making sure that your documents are with you, you need to check it twice or thrice for mistakes, typos or grammatical errors. Maybe you spot one or two booboos in your document – make sure to rectify these mistakes immediately, at least before you attend the job interview. If you were not able to refine your resume before you submitted it, make sure to do so before meeting with the employer.

2. Your Knowledge about the Company.

Most job experts recommend researching about the company before participating in a job interview. After all, your knowledge about the firm can greatly increase your chances of being hired.

The essence of knowing the company can never be understated, especially because the interviewer might ask you why you would like to work for his company. If you do not know squat about the company, chances are you will not be able to answer this question with conviction. You might end up with generic, run of the mill answers – replies that might throw you back from the selection table.

Some interviewers also ask what you can contribute to the company – so if you have knowledge about the industry, you can answer this question with much persuasion. Because of these factors, it is a must that you NEVER leave the comfort of your own home without doing a quick research about the firm you are applying for.

3. Your Appearance.

Your appearance is one of the most important things you need to check before heading on to a job interview. Here are some dressing tips that can help you scale the ladder to success:


  • White or Blue solid shirt.
  • Dark-colored, single-breasted suit with 2 or 3 buttons. 1/2 inch of the shirt cuff must be exposed, while the jacket sleeve should not go beyond the knuckles.
  • Dark-colored pants – Cuffed for tall men, uncuffed for short males.
  • Solid or conservatively-colored tie.
  • All clothing items should be well-pressed and wrinkle-free.
  • Plain or capped rounded toe Oxford shoes with closed lacing that should be polished!
  • Belt that matches the color of your shoes.
  • Hair should be recently cut.
  • Well-shaven face, facial hair must be kept to a minimum.
  • No perfumes or aftershaves, please.


  • Dark, two-piece suit in gray, navy or black. Pantsuits or Skirt suits? Your choice.
  • Light-colored cotton shirt or blouse. Avoid strapless tops and spaghetti straps.
  • Sheer or nude-colored hosiery.
  • Closed-toe pump with mid-sized heels that should be clean and polished!
  • Briefcase or leather purse.
  • Well-trimmed nails with neutral-colored polish.
  • Minimal make-up.
  • Neatly-fixed hair that is tucked away from the face.
  • Conservative watch with link or leather strap.
  • For inclement weather, a dark-colored trench coat would do.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelries and baubles.

While a job interview might sound intimidating, keeping these three things in check can improve your chances of being hired. So before you hurry to the interview location, make sure to keep these factors in line!

How to Write a Resume

Your resume, also known as your curriculum vitae, is one of the most important documents in your employment arsenal. As such, it pays a lot to create a great resume – as it can impress the employer and make him want to hire you.

Want to end your unemployment days for good? Here are some helpful tips on writing a resume – and how doing so can help you get the job you have always wanted.

1. Make it readable.

When it comes to writing a resume, always go with readable, aptly sized fonts. Avoid using script fonts or small sized ones. Your resume’s readability can spell the difference between a possible hire and a document tossed into the shredder.

2. Include all pertinent contact information.

Say that the employer is interested in your skills and talents – but how can he contact you if your resume is devoid of such information? When making a resume, make sure to include all your contact information, including your complete address, e-mail, home phone number, mobile number and fax number.

3. Be specific – include an objective.

In order to get the job you have been eyeing on, you need to add an objective to your resume. This will give the employer the idea of the job you are applying for (as he might have hundreds of opening at the moment.) As such, you can use this to your advantage by mentioning the skills and talents that make you the best candidate for the job opening.

4. Throw in some keywords.

Perhaps the employer is looking for an experienced cashier. In order to land the job, you need to include some keywords – specifically those which were mentioned in the job ad. Incorporating such keywords in your resume will make the employer feel that you have the skills that they are looking for.

5. Put the relevant information at the upper half of your resume.

HR managers need to sift through thousands of resumes and applications – so they usually have short attention spans. Sometimes, it only takes them just a few seconds to go over a certain resume.  If you want to capture their interest right away, you need to place the most important facts at the top part of the resume. With so, you can score a chance for a job interview – even a hire!

6. Quantify your accomplishments.

You might be a good marketer, but how can you prove that with just this statement: “Generated sponsors for XY company?” When it comes to writing a resume, it is best if you included factual figures, such as “Generated $200,000 worth of sponsorships for XY company.”

7. Use bullets.

Yes, you might have hundreds of relevant accomplishments, but if you write them as paragraphs, then there is a big chance that they will not be noticed by the reader. Avoid this pitfall by making use of bullet points. Since they look less-exhausting to read, they will most likely be scanned by the employer.

8. Make your resume short yet relevant.

If you are an over-achiever, it does not necessarily mean that you have to include all of your skills and qualifications – as these can bore the reader to tears. As it has been said, even the most patient of individuals have shortened attention spans, so it is best that you made the most out of the opportunity by making your resume short yet relevant. Include your skills and talents that relate to the job opening, and skip the ones that would not be needed in the job. As per experts’ recommendations, two pages are enough to impress a probable employer.

9. Proofread your resume.

Before passing your CV to employers, make sure to read it twice – or thrice! Typos and grammatical errors can immediately turn an employer off. Do not miss that golden opportunity of a job by making sure that your resume is flawless and error-free.