How to Date Someone at Work

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Date Someone at Work

The place of work is a good environment to meet other people—including your future partner. However, dating a coworker can also be tricky. Here are some tips that can help you date someone at work.

Before actually asking out anyone, you have to make sure that you want to pursue a relationship with her. Think about the consequences for your work especially if you want to date your own boss or even your coworker who is at a higher position than yourself. This can affect the chances for promotion. Some people might think there is favoritism going on so this could hinder the promotion that you have worked for.

Also, make sure that the office policies allow workplace romances as some offices do not. If for some reason, the office policies discourage intimate relationships between coworkers, you might end up getting demoted, transferred or even fired—so be careful. Aside from the negative perception and the policies, you should also be ready for some workplace gossip.

Once you are sure that dating someone from work is worth it no matter what, find out ways to interact with her. One of the best ways to grab her attention is to excel at your work. Spend time—even some of your free time—to improve your skills. This would not only help you get the girl but also help you get a promotion.

Lunch breaks can become a great opportunity to approach a coworker and spend time with her without compromising the quality of your work. Smile and tell her jokes. Work can become extremely stressful at some points so making her laugh can get you really far. You could ask her out on a traditional date outside work after spending some of your breaks with her.

To make conversations smoother, find a common ground aside from your work interests. The place of work is a good environment to meet potential partners but it might be a harsh setting for dating particularly if your relationship is only grounded on being within the same office. You may even end up as rivals for the same promotion. This can be avoided by getting to know each other. Find out about other hobbies and about the activities they do on their free time or on the weekends.

Once you start dating, tell your coworkers about your relationship at the right time, but also keep it low key within the office especially when you are in the middle of working. It is important that the relationship does not interfere with your responsibilities. The place of work is, first and foremost, a place to work in. You can enjoy your intimate moments during the breaks, after hours and during the weekends.

The hardest part of dating a coworker is when it ends. It is normal for some relationships to experience problems and even come to an end over time. If this happens, try your best to still be professional.