What are the Ideal Second Jobs?

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What if your present job is not paying you enough to pay your bills and reduce your debts? You have a simple answer to this problem – get a second job. More than a quarter of the Americans constantly look for second jobs and many of them have additional sources of income.

However, before you get on with a second job, there are two points to keep in mind.

Point 1 – your employment contract must not prohibit you from doing a second job. If it does and you get caught doing a second job, you may lose your main source of income. This is going to be disastrous.

Point 2 – you should have enough time on your hands to be able to dedicatedly do your second job. There shouldn’t come a time when you are not here and not there, and you don’t perform well in both your jobs. This could again tantamount to losing your jobs and the rest is… well, we don’t want to say again.

But there are people that are successfully managing two jobs and if you put your mind into it, there is no reason why you cannot. Consider these top five second jobs and you should be able to pick one of them.

Freelance writing
If you have a flair for writing, this job has no match. There are thousands of writers that pen down online content and you can become a star.

Medical transcription
Doctors are always short on time and you could certainly help them by transcribing their audio recordings.

Customer service
This is one of the most popular second jobs where you work on behalf of companies and handle their customers on the phone or through email and web chat.

Virtual assistant
If you are tech savvy and believe in organization and effective communication, the job of a virtual assistant may be tailor-made for you. You can work for a boss that is some other part of the country (or globe for that matter) and help them with organizing their itinerary.

Tutoring is an excellent option for those that like teaching. With so many families with working parents, it is often seen that the children are completely ignored when it comes to their education. You can certainly fill the gap here.

Based on your skill, these could be the ideal second jobs for you. However, this is certainly not an exhaustive list. If you want to see more options as second jobs, click here to find out more.

There are some startups that are offering some great second job options to people across the country. It may be worthwhile for you to have a look at these startups here.

Keep in mind that your ideal second job shouldn’t be a burden on you. And for this, you need to pick a niche that you are passionate about. At the end of the day, you should enjoy doing what you intend to do and this is where finding that ideal second job comes into the picture.