Getting on the Right Foot at your Job

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Successfully getting the job position is a huge achievement and should be celebrated.However, once this elation starts to die down, nervousness might begin to set in again as you realize that you would soon be having your first day at the new job.Here are some tips to help you get on the right foot.

Know the Company

If you have not researched and asked about the company before and during the interviews yet, then you should already start to. Having a clear understanding of the company, its history, goals, vision and mission, and the position you are filling in might make it easier for newly hired people to adapt to the work setting.

Keep in mind that the Internet is a good friend. You may look up the company website, search for articles regarding the company or even its clients and competition. Of course, you do not need to spout all the information you find out at work. However, it will be useful to have it in the back of your mind when talking to your boss and will keep you from saying anything unwise.

Dress Up

Aside from mental and intellectual preparations, the physical is also important. Before going on your first day, it might be a good idea to recall what the employees were wearing when you went for your interview, or to even ask the human resources management if there are any dress codes.

Observe and Listen

Every company has its own culture. Learn more about it by observing, and respect it. Of course, bringing in new ideas is not a bad thing but do not go overboard and attempt to change the work setting. Listening to what your colleagues have to say will also help. It will allow you to know more about the company and form new work relationships.

Take Down Some Notes

You don’t have to carry large notebooks and note down every little thing you see and hear as you walk around the office. A small pocket notebook or, for the tech savvies, a handheld gadgets such as your phone or tablet will do. It would be useful to make mental notes when meeting new people at the office and then jotting them down a little bit later.

Ask Questions and Clarifications

If you do not fully understand something, do not be afraid to ask. It will help you get things done properly and quickly.

Be There, Be Involved

Have the initiative to participate in the happenings at work—within the office and also outside. Build strong connections with the people at the company so that you may help the company and each other grow.

Ask for Feedbacks

Ultimately, you would want to have some growth in your career. One of the best ways to achieve this is by learning what you can do to make things in the office easier—by learning how to do your job.After finishing an assignment, asking for feedbacks and responding to it to improve yourself will help you pave your way to a successful career.