Good Paying Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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Funding your college tuition can be a difficult task. Although you can ask for financial aid, you will most likely end up swimming in debt by the time you earn your diploma. Be able to finance your higher education – even while studying – with these good paying part-time jobs for college students.


If you have a knack for the written language, then make good use of it by working as a part-time writer or editor. Depending on your abilities (and the project at hand,) you can make as much as $30 to $40 per hour. A good thing about this part-time job is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can write/edit articles at the comfort of your own home, dormitory, perhaps even your favorite coffee shop.


Are you keen in another language? Then make the most out of your bi (or multi-) lingualism by working as a translator. As the name suggests, this work entails the translation of a foreign language to English (or another dialect) and vice-versa. The average rate is $19.80 per hour, although you can make as much as $40 per hour depending on your skills. Like a writing/editing job, a translating job gives you the freedom to work at home – or whatever place you like.

Music Teacher

Do you excel in playing a certain musical instrument? Put your musical abilities into good use by working as a part-time music teacher. Get the opportunity to hone the skills of young (and adult) students at a rate of $24 per hour. As you get more acclaim (and customers too,) you can hike up your hourly rate to as much as $50.

Fitness Instructor

Are you a fitness buff? Well then, put your muscles into good use by working as a part-time fitness instructor. For this job, all you need to do is assist a client achieve his personal health goals. A good thing about this employment opportunity is that you can work out alongside your customer. With this health-building career you can earn an average of $18.40 per hour.

Teaching Assistant

Earn well – right at the campus – by working as a teaching assistant. For this part-time job, your usual tasks will include proctoring exams or handing out test papers. The hourly rate usually starts at about $8 an hour, although it could reach as much as $17 per hour. Generally, the average rate for this lucrative part-time job is $11.34.

Academic Tutor

If you like teaching – but can’t get a teaching assistant job – you will definitely thrive as a tutor. This is especially the case if you specialize in a difficult field of study, such as Math or Science. As a tutor, you can earn as much as $10 to $15 an hour.

What’s great about this part-time job is that it is bi-directional: you get to learn while your pupil learns with you! Now isn’t that a great way to study and earn all at the same time?

Dog Walker

If you love canines, then you will enjoy working as a part-time dog walker on your free days. For a group walk of 3-5 dogs at one time, you can charge about $16 an hour. But if a rich client asks you to walk his dog in a private session, you can earn about $20 to $25 an hour.


If you lack a specific talent that makes you suitable for any of the aforementioned part-time jobs, then try being a waiter/waitress. The median rate might be low at $8.94 an hour, but you can earn several hundreds of dollars in tips every day. This is the reason why a lot of college students go to this profession to finance their university studies.