What are Good Jobs for a 13 Year Old?

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As a 13 year old, you know how hard it is to get extra allowance from your mom and dad. But if you are determined to make additional money for your hobbies – or new gadgets – then a good way to do so is to get a part-time job.

Although you are young and under the legal age requirement, you will be glad to know that you can find many employment opportunities out in the open. As such, it is best if you pursue the following work options:


Perhaps the best and most basic job for a 13 year old,baby sitting gives you the chance to earn money simply by playing the part of a responsible ‘tweener.’ Unlike other options, you do not have to go outside – all you just need to do is stay at home and watch over the small kids.

To get a feel of the babysitting job, it is best if you work for your parents or relatives first. Once they prove that you are a good babysitter, you can rely on them to make your services known throughout the neighborhood.

A good thing about babysitting is that you get to increase your rate as you get ‘more famous.’ So make sure to work hard so you can get better compensation along the way.

Pet sitter/ walker

Do you love pets? Well then, you will enjoy a job as a pet sitter or walker. Just like babysitting, all you need to do as a pet sitter is to watch over pets while their masters are away. Pet walkers just need to take the mutts out in the neighborhood, so they can exercise their little paws. Not only is this a great way to get your body moving, it is also a good method to meet other pet enthusiasts.

Athletic Team Assistant

Most know this as the role of a “Waterboy,” but additional specifications have improved the job title to “Athletic Team Assistant.” If you are too thin or frail to join a sports team, you can always take part in their victory by corresponding to their needs as an Athletic Team Assistant. Not only will you get a handsome pay with this job, it also entitles you to a VIP seat to the hottest sports events in your region.

Home Cleaner

If you have a natural knack for keeping homes spotless, you should find a job as a home cleaner. Although it can be particularly tiring and exhausting, this job is a good way to make money during your free time.

When home cleaning, you need to be very careful, especially when going through expensive figurines and vases. If not, you will end up racking a debt that will take you years to pay back.

Farming Jobs

When you think of the word farmer, you might immediately think of laborious toiling under the sun. But as a 13 year old, you get to pick from less strenuous roles. Examples of good farming jobs include berry picking, tree trimming and detasseling, to name a few. With these jobs, you get to earn money – and take home fresh produce by the end of the day!

Grocery Bagger

Grocery bagging might be a repetitive task, but it is a great entry-level opportunity, especially if you want a part-time job that you can come back to year after year. As long as you show your determination and patience, you can be able to get a higher-paying job sooner or later.


Even at 13 years of age, there are job opportunities that can help you earn well. Just make sure to choose any of the aforementioned jobs in order to get a great and rewarding part-time work that fits your young age.