Bad news for temporary job seekers

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Unemployed people standing in line at a job fair.

Job fair. Image credit: “Waiting In Line For Hope” by Cycrolu on Flickr via Creative Commons.

The Washington post has a worrying story about the amount of temporary jobs available. Though tehre are only a few of these jobs versus normal positions, they are indicators for the health of the economy. This is because they are created quickly when a company needs to grow. A study has found that:


The bad news is that temporary-help employment has flattened out in the past two months, falling by 2,000 jobs in September and essentially unchanged in August. In the first six months of the year, by contrast, the sector added an average of 21,000 jobs a month.

If the historical relationship holds up, the weak growth in the third quarter would predict that overall job growth in the final three months of 2012 will be only 72,000 jobs a month, which would be not even enough to keep up with growth in the labor force.


If true, this is a worrying trend for all of us looking for a jobs in the near future. Hopefully this is just a blip in the economy. But it does not look good. The article does go on to say that the outlook is a little better in the United States than Europe. But that is cold comfort for those looking for a job right now. You can read the full article here. Has anyone seen a change in the availability of jobs in the last few months?

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