Employment applications help for almost any position

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With today’s lousy economy in the U.S. it’s becoming harder and harder to get a job, so knowing employment applications basics is essential for getting hired. Employers are getting more and choosier about who they hire for the few jobs that are open, so a job hunter has to be ready to find the upper hand in their job search. Part on that upper hand is knowing the best way to fill out the job applications in order to impress the employer.

First: Be Prepared For Everything

Answer all of the questions

Once you get to the job site and begin to fill out the job application, be sure that you have anticipated and brought everything you need. This will include a pen with black or blue ink – employers frown on glitter pens or those that are strange colors of ink like purple, pink or green. Be prepared to hand over all of the pertinent information on previous job history, phone number of previous employees and references, dates of service, the names of the educational facilities you attended, as well as copies of appropriate certificates such as your diploma or degree for the job field you are applying to.

Fill Out the application carefully

Be sure to read the application carefully, including every bit of the directions, before you start. Then, write legibly and stay in all the boxes or lines on the application. Be sure the employer knows you have read everything by putting N/A when something is not applicable to your own situation. If you are asked to put down your salary requirements, put in that you are willing to negotiate, as sometimes this is used as a screening tool and you don’t want to be left out immediately. Often is is acceptable to put in $1 or some other obviously low value.

Another important factor to consider is that employers don’t like gaps in job history. If you have such a gap, be sure to put in what you were doing such as you were attending school or doing volunteer work. This will show that you weren’t just be lazy and not doing anything at all. Be sure to remember to sign and date your application.

Double Check Phone Numbers or Other Facts

Make sure any contact numbers you list on your application are accurate and preferably one that only you answer or that has a voice mail to leave you a message with. Be sure the voice mail is not something silly and is just a matter of the fact message that asks the caller to leave a message for you. You should also be sure to tell the people you list as references that someone may be calling them to talk about you. This way they can have something prepared to tell the potential employer about you.

Check the Application for Mistakes

It’s also important to proofread the application and make sure that there are no errors. Make sure no words are spelled wrong and that you haven’t left out any data that the employer will need in order to hire you. You will be surprised with the number of employment applications that are thrown out just for simple mistakes. Unfortunately many employers are not willing to read through a mistake filled form just to find a diamond in the rough.

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